4 Warning Signs of Heart Disease that Can Be Detected In Your Eyes


4 Warning Signs of Heart Disease that Can Be Detected In Your Eyes

Amazingly enough, a few years ago a researcher visiting Italy said he spotted signs of heart disease in the Mona Lisa – just by looking at her left eye. This is not so crazy to claim as you might think. In fact, there are several signs of heart disease that can first show themselves in and around the eyes.

Eyes Can Tell You About the Health of Your Heart

Yellowing, Raised Skin Around the Eyes
The condition the researcher identified in the Mona Lisa is called xanthelasma. While researchers are still studying exactly how this skin condition and heart disease are connected, the correlation itself has already proven to be valid.

Swelling Around the Eyes
Another way that the eyes can serve as an early warning system for heart disease is through swelling. This is especially prevalent in younger people – even children. But it can be a marker for someone of any age, especially if accompanied by swelling in other areas, such as the ankles and feet.

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The Presence of Cataracts
Here again, while the connection is not yet completely understood in the field of heart disease research, the current hypothesis points to something called “oxidative damage to proteins” which can cause both cataracts and hasten the onset of heart disease. For women especially, this marker appears to have a strong validity as a predictor for heart disease later on in life.

Having the Experience of “Double Vision” or Blurred Vision
Another possible early warning sign for heart disease is specific to women who are taking birth control or using a patch. For women over the age of 35 in particular, the onset of blurred vision or “double vision” (seeing two images of everything you look at) can be a risk factor. The reason this is significant is because blurred or double vision can point to a blood clot which can cause both heart attack and stroke.

While all four of these eye symptoms can indicate you are at risk for heart disease, they can also be signs of other brewing issues. It is always a good idea to examine your eyes regularly and make a note of anything that seems unusual. Scheduling regular exams at the eye doctor can also help allay any worries you may have and ensure your eyes – and you – stay healthy.

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