A 61-Year-Old Grandmother Just Gave Birth To Her Own Granddaughter


On March 25, a 61-year-old woman gave birth to her granddaughter. This is possible through in vitro fertilization. Cecile Reynek Eledge acted as a surrogate so that her son Matthew and his husband were able to have a child. Using her son’s sperm and eggs donated from the child’s aunt, the little girl had DNA from both families. 

When first volunteering to be the surrogate, Reynek Eledge’s age was something that caused initial concern. To ensure that this and would be a safe process for her and the coming baby, she had to undergo a series of tests including heart, cholesterol, and stress. Once passing all the tests, she was cleared to be the surrogate. Due to the nature of the pregnancy, Reynek Eledge saw a team of high-risk specialists and other medical professionals regularly. She was sure to follow every minor suggestion to ensure her granddaughter’s safety. 

Both men feel entirely blessed in their situation. A woman from each family acted selflessly to allow these two men to have a child who is as close to biologically theirs as possible. Elliot Dougherty’s sister volunteered to have surgery so that she could donate eggs. Matthew Eledge both donated sperm and had his mother serving as their surrogate. The making of this little girl was really kept all in the family. These men are so fortunate to have such generous and loving women in their lives. There were more embryos made during the in vitro process, so there may be more yet to come.

Uma Louise recently made her grand entrance surrounded by loved ones. The delivery went without complications. She was born full term weighing 5 pounds, 13 ounces at Nebraska Medical Center. Everyone is now back home and doing well. 

The Eledge and Dougherty families really came together and helped their loved ones to have a real miracle child. At less than one month old, Uma Louise has a close and loving family who would obviously do just about anything for her. Women in their lives gave them the one truly precious gift that would have otherwise been impossible; fatherhood.

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