If You Knew The Reason Why This Woman Applies Onions To Her Feet You’ll Do It For Yourself


If You Knew The Reason Why This Woman Applies Onions To Her Feet You’ll Do It For Yourself

Home remedies are often passed down from previous generations. They may sound bizarre, but years of experimenting with them have shown that home remedies can be highly effective. One woman has been using her great-grandparents’ home remedy to increase circulation and improve overall health. This remedy uses the natural healing powers of onions.


An onion coating on the foot interacts with the natural bloodstream to purify the body. Onions have antibacterial properties, and their sharp and acidic nature means that they easily penetrate the skin. The feet are particularly sensitive areas with a lot of small blood vessels flowing close to the surface and very thin skin. The sulfur within onions is responsible for its strong smell, but sulfur is also a powerful detoxification element that encourages the body to get rid of toxins. Onions also contain quercetin, an antioxidant that thins the blood and prevents blood clotting.

When onions are applied to the feet overnight, the antibacterial and purifying properties of onions are drawn into the body and circulated throughout it. This method is highly beneficial to a person who is fighting a cold, flu, throat inflammation, fever, or other infection. However, it is also beneficial to a perfectly healthy person. After the treatment, blood should be circulating to even the tiniest of blood vessels, ensuring that nutrients and oxygen reach every part of the body. This treatment boosts circulation and removes toxins, leaving you feeling refreshed and energetic.

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All you need for this treatment is a few items. A regular white onion will work, but a homegrown, organic onion will be more effective. Then you need some plastic wrap, like the kind used in the kitchen, and a pair of wool socks that are thick and warm. If you have very sensitive skin, a natural almond oil or another type of oily cream can also be helpful.

First, you should slice your onion into extremely thin slices. Wait until a bit of juice appears on the surface of the onions, and then lay them on the soles of your feet. If the onion juice stings your feet too badly, you can apply some almond oil onto your foot before putting the onion on it. Then you just wrap your feet with the plastic cling film to seal the onions onto your feet overnight. Then place the wool socks on your feet, and wear the treatment until the next morning. In the morning, wash off your feet with cold water and then heat them in the socks again. You should notice results immediately.

This treatment works best if you start it right before you go to bed, and then you remove the onions in the morning. Doing the treatment at least once a month will ensure that you remove toxins before they build up, and your circulation will be operating at maximum capacity. If you are taking this treatment to cure an infection, use it every night until your symptoms are gone.
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