How to Choose the Right Personal Injury Lawyer


Nobody wants to hire a personal injury lawyer, yet these lawsuits pop up all over the country every day.  From car accidents, work injury, and any other number of things- people get hurt and need legal help to get the money they deserve.  If only hiring legal counsel was a simple choice to make, it wouldn’t be so hard of an ordeal.  Here’s how to choose the perfect lawyer for you.


Although some lawyers are willing to travel, and many are eager to give free advice online- it’s essential to find a lawyer near you.  This plan is vital not only because it’ll be easier for you to pop into their offices to ask crucial questions but also because you won’t have to worry about travel and accommodation during court cases.  Lawsuits are stressful enough without the pressure of having to keep up with where your lawyer is and if they’ll be able to make it to your trial.  


Many lawyers may seem more secretive about their rate, and that’s not someone you should work with.  If you have a low budget or are tight on money, be clear with any counsel you talk to.  Some may have programs in place for some instances, while others may be able to refer you to someone within your price bracket.  A good rule of thumb is to plan to spend more than you expected on a court case because all kinds of fees and costs will pop up.


Although every personal injury lawyer will do what they can to improve your life and make the case go smoothly, some have specialties that can help even more.  A personal injury lawyer who specializes in automobile accidents will be far more useful to you if you find yourself in that situation.  Although it’s okay to hire a lawyer who generally works in injury, look for someone with experience in what’s happened to you.


Many people may not consider that lawyer reviews are an option.  It’s not like we picture Yelp pages when we’re seeking legal counsel!  Still, it’s good to look online and find reviews and testimonials from clients of prospective lawyers.  Look for people who experienced hardships similar to yours, and check to see if they think their lawyer handled their case well.  Consider if reviews say your lawyer was rude or absent, and bring any questions you have directly to your lawyer to sort them out.  Some low reviews may be placed there by opposing counsel.


Although this may not feel like an essential part of the decision, your lawyer’s personality should matter.  If you interact with them and realize they don’t mesh with what you want in a lawyer, it’s okay to back out of it.  The cliche that all lawyers are mean or rude isn’t the rule, and you should find someone you’re comfortable about talking to about your injury and life.  They’ll need to know you better than anyone else by the end of the case, so pick someone you trust with that information.

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