The Importance of Staying Healthy & Accident-Free on the Job


Most people will agree that their health and safety should be a priority. Not only for them but their employer as well. It depends on what professional or industry you work in as to how much risk you’re accepting when working in certain fields.

The Importance of Staying Healthy & Accident-Free on the Job

For instance, out on an oil rig or working in construction jobs, there’s a considerably higher risk of injury. Even fatalities sometimes, sadly. Close to 20% of injuries in New York City occur on construction sites and related premises.

In this article, we review the importance of staying healthy and accident-free. And in the event that you do suffer an accident at work, what you can do about it.

The Basics of Staying in Good Health

While we are somewhat naturally susceptible to the reality of our DNA and genetic makeup making us predisposed to possibly get certain illnesses at some stage, outside of this we have considerable influence on how healthy we are.

Most of us know that we should not remain sedentary – especially in office jobs where we’re sitting down most of the day. The message is clear that 30 minutes or more of daily exercise can reduce the risk of getting a stroke or having a heart attack. Yet putting on the sneakers at the end of a long day or lacing up early morning before work is an extra step that many people just don’t take. 

Eating right and at regular times powers the body throughout the day. This includes a healthy breakfast – not skipping it or grabbing a snack from a convenience store on the way to work. Your body needs fuel with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, protein and more to stay well and support your life.

Do What You Can to Avoid Injuries

It may be your reality that you work in a dangerous field like the construction industry, which is very productive in New York and elsewhere in major city centers. If that’s the case, then paying attention to health and safety regulations and ensuring that your employer achieves and maintains the right standards should be important to you. If it isn’t – make it so.

Wear all the right safety gear too. Take anything that’s incorrect or damaged to get it replaced ASAP. Learn and follow all the safety procedures yourself too. Also, in an office environment, the walk doesn’t run, look for safety violations to correct and raise any issues that you spot.

What Do You Do If You’ve Been Injured at Work?

Accidents happen. In NYC, 2011 alone saw 128 injuries in the construction industry and five people died. On construction sites, falling down or having objects fall on you accounted for almost two-thirds of all injuries in that industry. In the office, falls down a flight of stairs or on slippery floors are common too.

If you’ve suffered an accident on a construction site while working in New York, then hire a construction accident lawyer NYC to review your case. There may be a case to answer for compensation depending on the relevant circumstances. It’s always worth checking if you’ve suffered due to an accident at work.

Staying healthy avoids having lost workdays and losing pay if it’s not compensated for. Injuries, when you’re just trying to make an honest living, are the worst. Best avoided but deal appropriately with them should they happen to you.

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