This 14-Year Old Virgin Falls Pregnant After Flu Shot


This 14-Year Old Virgin Falls Pregnant After Flu Shot

According to the Forth Worth Telegram, a 14-year old schoolgirl allegedly suffered severe complications after a flu shot. The young girl fell terribly ill and had severe cramps after getting the vaccine. The young lady’s distressed mother brought her to the Whole Woman’s Health of Forth Worth after her symptoms had persisted for several weeks. It was in this medical clinic and after a few tests that a doctor realized the 14-year-old was pregnant.


According to her mother, the girl’s health condition had been excellent before she got the vaccine. However, the young girl became very unwell a few days later, showing all the symptoms of a fever. The girl’s mother goes on to explain that it took a few weeks before she felt any better. Unfortunately, nausea continued. She threw up every single day until they eventually called on Dr. Hersch, who realized the young girl was pregnant.

Dr. Hersch told local reporters that the girl had all the common symptoms of a pregnant woman. The doctor added that encountering a young lady who had fallen pregnant without her parents’ consent wouldn’t have been her first time. However, when the young girl said she had never been physically affectionate with a boy, she seemed sincere. The girl even urged Dr. Hersch to check her hymen, which the doctor eventually did. To the physician’s utter surprise, this young lady’s hymen was fully intact.

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According to the doctor, it was impossible that male sperm had impregnated the young girl, even without penetration. Even so, the doctor still hadn’t heard of such a thing as vaccine impregnation in all her 26 years of practice. She, however, found out that it is actually more widespread than most people think after some research.


As devout Christians, the young girl and her family decided to keep the baby despite the atypical situation. As explained by the visibly shaken mother, it was all God’s plan. She adds that if God made the birth possible, then who would they be to judge the why or how? Being Christians, the young girl’s family drew inspiration from the birth of Jesus Christ. They question where humanity would be today had Joseph and Mary not given birth to our beloved Lord and Savior.

With a tear in her eyes, the 14-year-old’s mother says they will soon welcome a new family member into their community. She termed the addition not only as a gift but also as a blessing.

Vaccine pregnancies: A controversial subject
According to Alexa Goldberg, a Ph.D. student currently writing her doctoral thesis based on the subject, we can only hypothesize how vaccines work. The reason behind this insufficient amount of knowledge is the fact that vaccine technology is relatively recent.

While studying the growing trend of pregnancies caused by vaccines is necessary, further research is also needed. As such, it is about time the scientific community stops avoiding this highly controversial subject. Alexa Goldberg warns that this tragic situation can only repeat itself in the future if nothing is done.


A similar incident occurred in 2013 near the city of Juarez in the Mexican state of Veracruz. In this case, 11 young girls aged between 11 and 17 claimed to have fallen pregnant after getting HPV shots. As a result, Mexican health authorities claimed the contaminated consignment of HPV vaccines was the cause and put a moratorium in effect.

An estimated 4,000 women fall pregnant due to vaccine shots every single year according to the United Nations. However, a 2012 report by WHO (World Health Organization) concludes that the benefits of the mass vaccination campaigns conducted globally were well worth the risk.

This story was first published by the World News Daily Report, a media outlet known to have previously spread fake news stories. In addition, the medical clinic where this inoculation allegedly took place denies any wrongdoing, claiming the accusations are improbable and absurd.

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