12-Year-Old Girl Shows Up to the Hospital with Growing Belly, the Reason Is Shocking


12-Year-Old Girl Shows Up to the Hospital with Growing Belly, the Reason Is Shocking

In China, a man, 40 years of age, was arrested after bringing his wife, whose stomach was continuously growing and who was revealed to be pregnant, to the hospital for treatment. The hospital staff was shocked to see her growing belly. They realized the wife was not as old as the man claimed and called the police.


The pregnant girl, whom the man told hospital staff was 20 years old, was in fact only 12 years of age. He brought her to the hospital so that she could receive treatment after going into labor. An older woman the man claimed to be his mother was also with them.

The man, who is currently unidentified, took the 12-year-old girl to the Xuzhou City Central Hospital to receive a routine exam to see the progress and health of her unborn child. Workers at the hospital quickly realized that the girl was considerably younger than the man had claimed.

A staff member who spoke to the media explained that it was obvious that the girl was only a child and nowhere close to 20 years old. She added that the young girl was unable to even respond to the staff because she didn’t speak Mandarin.

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When the staff voiced their concern over the girl and how it was obvious she was nowhere near 20 years old, the man grew defensive. Staff members reported that he told them he brought her to the hospital so that she could be examined and that he told them to do their jobs and not question him. After that, hospital staff contacted law enforcement about the man and girl.

Later on, police came to realize that the young girl was not a Chinese citizen because she had no identification issued from the country. Their belief is that she was abducted or sold somewhere in the Southeast Asia area and transported into China as a child bride. There is some speculation that the girl is a victim of human trafficking and that the rise of child brides in China came to be as a result of population control within the countries that occurred in previous times, resulting in fewer females in the country.

According to Chinese officials, as per a CNBC report, the birth gender ratio showed a considerable decline in 2015 in the number of females versus the number of males for seven consecutive years and that the birth rate was around 113.5 boys for ever 100 girls.

Additionally, CNN reported that due to the lack of females in China, women from other nearby developing countries have willingly married men in China in the hopes of getting a better quality of life. However, there have also been reports of girls being tricked or trafficked into the country and sold as brides. In particular, according to CNN, those along the border of Vietnam and China are most vulnerable to human trafficking and can be sold for over $3,000.

Although some cultures have had a tradition of child brides, the practice is largely seen as a negative one. Founder of nonprofit organization Unchained at Last Fraidy Ress, told the New York Times that legislators should remove legal exceptions that allow children to marry and that it is the only way to end forced marriage in his country of the United States. He added that the practice is widespread but frequently ignored in the US.


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