3 Steps to Boosting Your Stamina: Guide for Men Over 60


3 Steps to Boosting Your Stamina: Guide for Men Over 60

Men over 60 who want to boost their stamina will need to do age-appropriate endurance training, revise their diet, and consider taking supplements. As seniors are at a higher risk of heart problems, boosting your stamina is essential as it helps strengthen your cardiovascular system. That’s why endurance exercise is recommended by the American Heart Association.

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How to Boost Stamina in Men Over 60

  1. Start a suitable endurance exercise program

Endurance training includes a variety of aerobic exercises that focus on increasing your heart rate. That’s why this type of fitness is most beneficial for cardiovascular health. If performed regularly, this training builds your stamina and strengthens your muscles.

Aside from the heart health boost, endurance exercise reduces the risk of injury and improves balance, which is a big issue for seniors. As weightlifting and other types of resistance training should be limited with age, aerobic workouts also become the main bone-strengthening element in your fitness program.

Sexual stamina can also benefit from endurance exercise because it improves blood flow and strengthens your vessels. As this is exactly what you need to fight erectile dysfunction, your recipe for healthy sex life over 60 is a few aerobic exercises a day, aptly helped by some aphrodisiac foods and stamina pills.

However, be sure to consult your doctor and a professional fitness trainer before you start an endurance exercise program. You should be aware that despite its numerous health benefits, this training can also be damaging for health if not done right, so states the study published in Breathe.

To prevent any problems and reduce health risks in men over 60, the exercise program must be developed on an individual basis. Your age, fitness level, activity level, and health issues all need to be considered to design a workout plan that will be both safe and effective for you. If you have any serious health issues, it will be best to exercise with a trainer so they can monitor your condition at all times.

  1. Enrich your diet with healthy energizing foods

You can lose weight with diet alone, but you can’t use food only to boost stamina in men over 60. Regular exercise is the most effective tool for that, but you can enhance the effects of your workouts with the right foods.

When you start this training, you run the risk of getting weight as endurance exercise burns calories and makes you hungry. To prevent this and fuel your body at the same time, you should make sure your diet has more protein and heart-friendly fats.

Foods that definitely should become staples in your kitchen include:

  • Eggs.
    Start your day with boiled or poached eggs if you need to lose weight as well as strengthen your body. Note that fried eggs are bad for you due to excess fat.
  • Bananas.
    Bananas make a great heart-friendly snack that will give you energy without many extra calories.
  • Citrus fruits.
    Citrus fruits boost energy levels as well as improve your immunity, which reduces the risk of catching a cold or flu.
  • Leafy greens.
    Due to potent antioxidants, leafy greens improve your general health and are particularly good for the heart. They also are one of the healthiest sources of energy for the body.
  • Salmon.
    Salmon gives you omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential for maintaining your health and strength on many levels.
  1. Take the right supplements (if your doctor allows)

Best supplements to boost stamina in men over 60 are creatine, ginseng, and guarana. However, it’s essential to consult your doctor about taking any of them, or any other dietary product.

While beneficial in many ways, natural supplements can react badly with certain medications or cause negative reactions in people with some health conditions. Therefore, you should only take the products you are sure of.


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