How To Keep School Aged Children From Getting Lice


How To Keep School Aged Children From Getting Lice

How To Keep School Aged Children From Getting Lice

There is no doubt that all children and teens are exposed to viruses, bacteria and parasitic insects every time they step one foot into a school. This is why it is so crucial for parents to protect their children. Of course, the school should start this process, since it is their responsibility to prevent the spread of lice among the students. But, still the main responsibility will fall back on the parents. Below, you will discover several tips to keep school aged children from getting lice.

Educate Your Children About Lice

Lice, pediculoushumanus capitis, are about two to three millimeters in length, so you may not spot them immediately. They are known for infesting the neck area and head and then attaching their eggs to the very base of the hair shaft. Even though lice cannot fly or hop, they can move around very easily. When they move, they will cause an itching sensation, which is why you see people with lice scratch, their head.

Pediculosis, a head lice infestation, is spread in most cases by person-to-person contact. Cats, dogs and other domestic pets do not get human lice, so they do not play a role in the transmission.

Lice are parasitic insects that can be found on the eyebrows, head and eyelashes. They feed on blood meals multiple times a day and are not known to spread diseases to humans.

Do Not Share Towels

Children who participate in gym classes will be ordered to take a shower after each session. At this time, it is not unusual for them to share their items, such as towels, brushes, shampoos and combs with other children. While it may seem rude for your child to participate in this ritual, you should urge them to not utilize to lend their personal belongings to other children.

If the other children are infested with lice, your child will become infested if they choose to share their personal belongings. Always teach your children to never share their personal items with other children. If at any time you feel you need a New Mexico attorney, do not fail to contact one.

Avoid Head-To-Head Contact

Some parents are very observant of their children’s health and appearance and even help them style their hair every morning. These parents are typically the first person to discover the lice in their child’s head. They will immediately take action to eradicate the infestation to prevent it from spreading. However, you also have those parents that are so busy they have very little time to devote to their children. These are the children that end up with long-term lice infestations and will become a problem for other children.

There is no doubt that when you send your child to the school that they will come into contact with the other students. However, you should teach your child to avoid head-to-head contact as much as possible. If they touch heads with a child who is infested with lice, they will sure become infested, as well. Tell your child to keep their head a certain distance from the other children’s head, just to be on the safe side.

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