A Painful Bubble Appeared On Her Skin And Started To Grow – Now She Warns People About THIS


A Painful Bubble Appeared On Her Skin And Started To Grow – Now She Warns People About THIS

Insect and spider bites are very common, and most can be treated safely at home without medical assistance. Unfortunately, there are several types of spider bites that can cause complications if not treated promptly by a doctor.

bubble to grow

Country singer, Carelle Mowatt, learned this the hard way. The 24-year-old woman, who lives in England, was surprised to wake up one morning with a large blister on her leg that had formed after receiving a spider bite. She decided to treat it at home with antihistamines. The blister continued to grow over in size over the next several days. When it erupted, Mowatt knew it was time to be seen by a doctor.

Doctors told her that the blister was from a spider bite that had become infected. Mowatt’s leg was incredibly painful and inflamed as a result of the infection. She was prescribed a round of antibiotics and made a full recovery.


Mowatt’s story is not uncommon. Spider and other insect bites can become infected and cause other medical complications to occur. Being aware of the most common spiders, learning those that may be in your area and knowing what to do in case a bite occurs can keep you and your loved ones safe.

Black Widow Spider

black w

Black widows are found throughout the United States. The two most common species, the northern black widow, and the southern black widow, are found primarily in the northwestern part of the country and the southern part of the country, respectively. The spiders are most active at night and are frequently found in sheds, under cabinets or in garages.

The venom of the black widow attacks the nervous system, causing pain, muscle cramps and swelling. Though they rarely cause death, black widow bites are serious due to the extreme pain. Those who are bitten should go to an emergency room. Antitoxins are typically administered to counteract the venom and narcotics may be prescribed for the pain.

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Brown Recluse Spider


Brown recluses

Brown recluses are found both indoors and outdoors in the central and southern parts of the United States. They typically are found in dark, quiet places such as shoes, vents, shoe boxes and in the attic. The initial bite is painless at first. Within the hour, most people notice a burning sensation at the site. A small pimple or blister forms within the next several hours. Left untreated, the skin in the affected area will begin to raise and darken. Extensive tissue death and damage can occur without prompt medical care.

After receiving the bite, ice should be applied to reduce swelling. The spider should be kept, if possible, in a bag in order for doctors to correctly identify it. Emergency care is required in order for antibiotics and pain relievers to be administered, which will prevent tissue damage from occurring.

Common Sac Spider


Common sac spiders are found throughout the United States. During the winter months, they can be frequently found indoors on walls or on the floor. During the warmer summer months, common sac spiders are found outdoors on trees, bushes or in gardens. Swelling, an ulcerated sore and pain are typically experienced after receiving a bite. Ice should be applied and the affected area should be elevated. Swelling and pain should begin to go away within two to three days. If swelling and redness don’t go away, a secondary infection may have developed and may need treatment from a doctor with antibiotics.

Wolf Spider


Wolf spiders don’t build webs and instead prefer to burrow in the ground. Because of this, they are typically found outdoors in leaves, sand and other debris on the ground. Wolf spiders are found in the eastern part of the United States. Pain, swelling and itching typically occur after a wolf spider bite. The area should be gently washed with soap and water, and a cold compress should be applied to reduce pain and swelling. Keeping the area clean will help to prevent infections from occurring.

Crab Spider

Crab Spider

Crab spiders are found throughout the United States and typically frequent the outdoors. Many species are able to camouflage themselves on rocks, meadows and flowers, so care should be taken when playing outdoors. Pain, swelling, nausea and headaches normally occur after being bitten by a crab spider. Elevating the bite, avoiding abrupt movements and applying ice can help reduce pain and swelling.

Spiders aren’t typically aggressive and will only bite if they feel threatened or attacked. Staying away from spiders and always looking in boxes that are in garages or attics before reaching in them is the best way to avoid spider bites. While most spider bites can be treated safely at home, if a brown recluse or black widow spider bite is suspected, it’s best to visit the emergency room to prevent complications from occurring.

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