She Drinks Friend’s Semen to Boost Immunity


She Drinks Friend’s Semen to Boost Immunity

Tracy Kiss, a twenty-nine-year-old from Buckinghamshire, UK, adds an unbelievable extra ingredient in her morning smoothies. Although it is apparent that people put flax seed or asparagus in smoothies today, Tracy has gone a step further. She adds a load of what would make some of us shudder in disgust. In an effort to boost immunity, this mother of two gets a donation of sperm for her morning drink.


While it may not be an ideal topic, most of us have encountered the science surrounding this baby batter at least once. For all of their functions, these little swimmers aren’t usually given enough credit. Apart from the sperm-meets-egg scenario, recent developments in sperm research show entirely different results from what you might expect.

Semen contains mood-enhancing compounds such as serotonin, estrone, cortisol, prolactin, oxytocin, melatonin, and thyrotrophic-releasing hormone. It also consists of a number of proteins with antimicrobial activity against viruses, bacteria, and fungi. For this reason, researchers began studying the various health benefits of ingesting semen. It is now evident that the ingestion of sperm has several advantages including:

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Semen is a natural anti-depressant
A State University of New York study conducted on 293 female students shows that sperm can lower symptoms of depression when ingested. In comparison, female students who swallowed sperms showed fewer signs of depression than those who did not. According to the study’s author, these findings support the hypothesis that semen antagonizes the symptoms of depression. Women absorb semen quickly, which means its benefits are detected in the bloodstream within hours of administration.

Sperm contains multivitamins
Apart from more than 200 proteins, one teaspoon of semen contains essential vitamins and minerals. These include vitamin C, vitamin B12, chlorine, calcium, citric acid, lactic acid, fructose, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, nitrogen, and zinc. Although the amount of each vitamin varies with the relative health and age of the donor, zinc is usually present in abundance. As an antioxidant, zinc helps to slow down the aging process. Each of the other minerals contained is also essential to your overall health.

Semen helps you sleep better
Although you are usually worn out after getting it on, it might not be why you end up sleeping so well. Semen contains melatonin, a chemical that induces relaxation and sleep. Once ingested, your body absorbs this chemical from the semen into your bloodstream. Melatonin is capable of helping you to doze off better than almost every other over-the-counter sleeping aid.

Ingesting semen boosts ovulation
In a study conducted at the University of Saskatchewan shows that a protein in semen acts on the female brain and induces ovulation. The same protein molecule controls the maintenance, growth, and survival of neurons. Semen, therefore, works as a signaling hormone, acting via the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. Both are responsible for triggering the release of hormones involved in the process of ovulation.

Semen improves the health of your hair
Some studies show that ingested semen rejuvenates damaged hair. The many proteins contained may well complement proteins present in hair molecules, improving the health of hair.

Improves safety during pregnancy
In a Dutch study conducted on semen-swallowing women, researchers found that the ingestion of sperm contributed to a lower risk of preeclampsia. The hypothesis here is that substances in semen alter a mother’s immune system such that it accepts the foreign proteins present in sperm. This maintains low blood pressure levels, reducing the risk of preeclampsia. Additionally, the presence of antibodies that destroy antigens or proteins present in their partner’s semen can result in infertility or miscarriage. Swallowing your partner’s sperm might help to make your pregnancy safer and more successful since you ingest his antigens.

You might be wondering whether to spit or swallow. As evidenced by the various benefits afforded, it might officially be time to stop spitting and start swallowing semen. Reproductive expert Gordon Gallup hypothesizes that pregnant women vomit because their bodies reject genetic material and foreign substances. However, swallowing semen could be a cure for morning sickness and help to boost immunity.

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