Caitlyn Jenner Makes Her World Debut


Caitlyn Jenner Makes Her World Debut

Nearly after Bruce Jenner announced that he was going through gender reassignment surgery, the first pictures of him as a woman have now been released on the internet. Vanity Fair features Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of their latest issue. Caitlyn is Bruce’s new name that he wishes to go by now that he has fully transformed into a woman. In this issue, there are multiple modeling photos of Caitlyn as well as an interview on the Vanity Fair website.

Caitlyn Jenner Makes Her World Debut



In the interview, she discusses what the transformation means to her. She talks about how when she was competing in the Olympics as a runner, she was running away. This photoshoot is about her coming out to let the world know who she is as a person. While Bruce Jenner lived a lie his whole life, Caitlyn says that she can now finally be who she was always meant to be.

Caitlyn’s transformation has had a big impact on the Kardashian family and it has been televised in a recent special. When she was Bruce, she was married to Kris Jenner and fathered children with her. While Kris hasn’t been too public about how this news has affected her, the children have been more than happy to publicly discuss how they’ve felt throughout this whole experience.

Caitlyn’s children have been extremely supportive of her transformation and have had no problem telling the world. When Caitlyn was Bruce, she had an interview discussing his gender reassignment surgery, his children were on Twitter saying how proud they were. When the Vanity Fair cover hit the internet, Kim Kardashian said how beautiful Caitlyn look and encouraged her to be happy and proud. Caitlyn also created a brand new Twitter account to begin tweeting as her new self.

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