Why Early Puberty Become “Normal” And How To Prevent It?


Why Early Puberty Become “Normal” And How To Prevent It?

For boys and girls, the onset of puberty signals a time of transition from a child into an adult. In many cultures throughout the world, puberty is a celebrated event. It represents the natural progression of life. However, as children are entering puberty at earlier ages, parents are becoming concerned. During the 1800s, the average age for boys and girls to reach puberty was 15. In 2015, a growing number of children are entering puberty as young as 7 years old.

Puberty Before Age 10

According to findings by the Mayo Clinic, this phenomenon is called precocious or premature puberty. The Mayo Clinic uses this term to describe children who enter puberty before the age of 8 years old. Not only is the early onset of puberty alarming, it can indicate some health challenges as well.

Puberty Explained
When children go through puberty, their $exual organs have matured to the point that they are able to $exually reproduce. Boys and girls have different experiences during puberty.

When boys experience puberty, it is noticeable by several factors. The pitches in their voices become deeper. They grow taller. They begin to grow facial and pubic hair.

When girls experience puberty, they display outward signs of puberty as well. They begin their menstrual cycles. They develop breasts. They also develop pubic hair and acne problems.

Causes of Puberty
Puberty is caused by natural body processes. However, premature puberty can be caused by a few factors.

Environmental chemicals are prevalent now more than ever in many areas throughout the world. When children are exposed to these chemicals, their hormones become disrupted by the chemicals.

These chemicals can be found in the air, food, laundry products, soaps and household products. The most disturbing thing about environmental chemicals is they can cause cancer and heart problems.

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Obesity is another cause of premature puberty. The presence of excess fat can disrupt and alter hormone production in children. That is the reason it is important to encourage your children to become active and eat a healthy diet.

Parents and caregivers must be vigilant about taking precautions against premature puberty. Here are a few things you can do to delay the onset of puberty in your child as much as possible.

1. Reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals that disrupt and alter hormone production. Chemicals that should be avoided are BPAs, phthalates, pesticides and fertilizers.

2. Provide your children with healthy foods that are not processed. This includes free range meats, grains and organic produce.

3. Many plastic bottles expose children to harmful chemicals. Store all liquids in glass jars instead of plastic bottles. You can also purchase plastic bottles that do not contain BPA.

4. Use brands of shampoo that do not contain harmful chemicals such as paraben and paraffin.

5. Synthetic fragrances alter and disrupt hormones. They are found in perfumes, air fresheners and household cleaning products. Avoid using them.

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6. Pay close attention to the contents of your baby formula. Avoid any formula that has non-fermented soy in its ingredients.

The power to protect your children from premature puberty is in your hands. By taking the correct precautions, you can possibly delay puberty in your children.

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