Eliminate Your Blood Pressure In 5 Minutes With This Easy Technique


Eliminate Your Blood Pressure In 5 Minutes With This Easy Technique

The carotid sinus is a blood vessel located in the neck slightly below the jawline. In this article, we refer to the area that is bigger than the rest of the blood vessel as a sinus. Many years people who suffer from hight blood pressure are using carotid sinus massage to eliminate their hypertension.

Method: By gently rubbing the carotid sinus, the nerve endings located in the artery respond to the change of pressure and, in turn, slow down the heart rate. This is mainly used to treat carotid sinus syncope and should be the first line of treatment as long as the patient is hemodynamically stable.

Blood Pressure

Carotid Sinus Hypersensitivity History

There are three types of CSH:


This makes up around 70 and 75 percent of the cases. This mainly involves a decreased heart rate, which leads to sinus bradycardia. This type of response can be eliminated by use of atropine.


This makes up around 5 to 10 percent of the cases. Doctors note a significant drop in blood pressure without a change in heart rate, this mainly occurs due to change of balance in the peripheral blood vessels. This type of response cannot be eliminated by the use of atropine.

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The mixed type 

This makes up 20 to 25 percent of the cases. Doctors are able to note a drop in the heart rate while a vasomotor tone occurs.

How a Carotid Sinus Massage is Performed

Before anything else, the doctor should monitor the patients’ blood pressure, at least, five to ten minutes before beginning the procedure, and he should record the baseline diastolic and systolic blood pressures.

As this is a potentially perilous procedure, the doctor usually performs it in conditions that take into consideration test sensitivity. For example, the massage table would be tilted at an angle of 70 degrees. Explaining to the patient the possible side effects and checking for contraindications should be done before the message.

The physician would ask the patient to relax and lie down on their back having extended the neck and turn the head so that the side that is being rubbed is facing upwards. A cardiac monitor would also be attached to the patient in order to monitor the heart rate. Once the patient has been in this position for five minutes, the massage can be performed. Imagine a horizontal line that begins about an inch and a half below the earlobe. Place the tips of the index and middle finger here. Applying the amount of pressure you would use to indent a tennis ball, massage the area in a counter-clockwise circle. Identify the carotid sinus and massage gently applying steady pressure moving in a circular motion for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat this procedure for the other side.

Having a cardiac monitor with printing equipment, for example, the Portapres device, is very necessary because as the blood pressure lowers, it wouldn’t be detectable by the ordinary method.


Carotid sinus therapeutic massage should be avoided at all costs if within the previous three months before the massage session the patient has suffered a stroke, myocardial infarction or a transient ischemic attack. This also includes patients who previously have had a bad reaction to carotid sinus massage.

Caution should be observed if the presence of carotid sinus is noted though this should be confirmed by the use of Doppler ultrasonography; the physician should explain to the patient the risk and benefits of proceeding with the massage. After the procedure, the patient should be observed for ten minutes while lying in a supine position before being discharged.


Medical practice has changed over the past years. Doctors realized that using midodrine raised the blood pressure levels and induced arterial constriction. The use of this therapeutic massage has been embraced and welcomed by the society.

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