Guess Which Bottled Water is the Safest? The Answer May Shock you!


Guess Which Bottled Water is the Safest? The Answer May Shock you!

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Thousands of people around the world reach for bottled water rather than tap water because they believe it is cleaner, safer and tastier. The following videos reveal the shocking truth behind the bottled water industry and its devastating effects on our planet.

Guess Which Bottled Water is the Safest The Answer May Shock you

This short CNN clip describes the shocking truth about bottled water. It reveals that 25% of all bottled water simply comes from the tap. The mayor of San Francisco publically announced his environmental concerns over the wasted plastic and outright banned city workers from buying it.

This video provides commentary on the compelling video “Tapped.” The short points out that tap water and bottled water are virtually the same, but buying plastic bottles causes a whole host of other problems for modern society.

This informative story lays out the details of how our modern demand for bottled water has had negative impacts on the environment. The video offers some solutions to reducing waste by preventing pollution, using drinking fountains and boycotting water bottles.

This 20/20 report shows how marketing makes people believe that bottled water is both safer and tastier, but the truth is the water is equally as safe and tasty.

This trailer encourages people to consider the environmental impacts of the $11.5 billion dollar bottled water industry. It also points out the dangers of using plastics as drinking containers.

The video reveals the shocking results of water testing that shows 33% of bottled water companies were violating safety standards. The FDA, the agency responsible for regulating bottled water, has one person who oversees all bottled water in the country.

This video provides a reminder that plastic is a toxic substance made from oil, and the BPA-Free label is misleading because these products still use 18 kinds of plastic in manufacturing.

This commercial comically points out the scary truth that our planet is completely enveloped in pollution.

This clip discusses the dangers of fracking and highlights the disturbing social atmosphere in which people are allowing the government to take control over our water and food sources. Fracking is contaminating water sources yet politicians and the general public continue to turn a blind eye.

This video discusses the different types of plastic. The video explains that we should not be creating new plastic but rather recycling the plastic that we already have. The company’s ocean plastic bottle was created by plastic collected from the Ocean.

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