An 11-Year-Old Girl Suffered Major Hair Loss from This Popular Beauty Product!


An 11-Year-Old Girl Suffered Major Hair Loss from This Popular Beauty Product!

In a shocking turn of events, one popular hair product has been allegedly causing women to go bald. The company was ignoring angry customers and suggesting that the hair loss was just naturally caused by age. However, the story of one 11 year old girl makes it clear that there is something wrong with this conditioner. After using the product, she immediately began to lose her thick, auburn curls.


WEN Cleansing Conditioner became very popular last year, and it was endorsed by many celebrities. Models like Brooke Shields gushed about how it made their hair perfect. Supposedly, the product cleans hair like shampoo without actually removing natural hair oils. 10 year old Eliana saw all of the people claiming that it made their hair long and thick. Therefore, she was eager to try it out, and her mother agreed to buy her some.



According to the product label, WEN conditioner is supposedly safe and “all-natural.” Miriam, the little girl’s mother, assumed that it could not harm her child. After using it, she noticed a shocking change. When she combed Eliana’s hair for the first time after using the product, Miriam said that huge chunks fell out. After three uses of the WEN conditioner, Eliana was almost entirely bald!


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When she went to school, Elliana was teased by cruel bullies because she was bald. Her parents had to homeschool her for a year while her hair grew back. Though her hair is growing back in, it is still extremely thin. Instead of being a shiny, copper color, Elliana’s hair is now a duller brown shade. It has been almost two years since she used WEN, but her hair still is not back to normal.

Elliana is not the only one to be affected by WEN Cleansing Conditioner. The FDA has logged 127 complaints against the company responsible for the conditioner. This is the largest number of complaints ever logged against a hair product. When the FDA launched the investigation, they discovered that the company received over 21,000 complaints of hair loss. However, WEN ignored the customer complaints and kept marketing the product.


Now over 200 women have joined together in a class-action lawsuit against WEN. They claim that the company knowingly sells a product that acts as damaging ingredient. There are more than one dangerous ingredients in WEN products. It contains Hydroxycitronellal, which is known to cause allergic reactions. This could be responsible for the itchy rash many women experienced before going bald. The conditioner also has Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde, which is banned from consumer products in Europe.

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