How To Blow Dry Your Hair Without Damaging It


How To Blow Dry Your Hair Without Damaging It

One of the biggest concerns about using a hair dryer is that it can damage your hair if used incorrectly. It is true that the best thing for your hair is to not use one at all, but it is possible to minimize damage without sacrificing the convenience that a hair dryer provides.

Blow Dry Your Hair Without Damaging It

To start off, make sure that your hair dryer has multiple temperature and air stream settings. At least two should be available for each. If the temperature setting is too high, you may end up with dry hair that breaks easily. It should be comfortable to direct the hair dryer at your hand.

If you have fine hair, you should always use the lower air stream setting. One that is too high will result in annoying tangles that are hard to work out.

However, often using a low heat setting is not enough to completely protect your hair from the heat. Use an insulating hair product such as Sedu. This is especially important if you blow dry your hair regularly, as repeated exposure to heat is much more damaging than single occurrences.

It is also important not to blow dry your hair when it is soaking wet. It should be merely damp when you do so as the heat can cause the water on your hair to boil which will in turn cause damage. The best thing is to wash your hair at night and then blow dry it in the morning, but if that is not an option then wrapping it up in a towel and leaving it for several minutes is the next best thing.

Additionally, do not try to dry your entire head at once. Separate it into quadrants and focus on one at a time. However, that does not mean that you should keep the dryer stationary–too much time in one place can cause just as much damage as too high of a heat setting. Switching between different areas, even if the previous is not completely finished, is a great way to avoid this.

If you make a mistake and end up with damaged hair, the best thing to do is to cut it off if the problems are small, such as split ends. However, if it is severely damaged and you don’t wish to cut it all off, there are many hair repair products available that can fix it. Of course, if you find yourself unable to take care of it yourself, contact a professional.

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