How to Get Rid Of Neck Pain In Just 90 Seconds


How to Get Rid Of Neck Pain In Just 90 Seconds

Everyone has woken up at some time with a crick in their neck or experienced a tension headache. Aches and pains are a given in the human body and seem to increase as we age. Commercials tell us to take a pill or rub in an ointment, promising us lasting pain relief. But all too often, the pain returns and we need even more of the original product. Even if we have momentary relief, we often wake up in the middle of the night and find our muscles aching again.
End The Misery Of Neck Pain In Just 90 Seconds

Day in and day out this kind of pain, even if it’s minor, plays havoc on our health and well-being. If we have a headache, we may opt out of family activities or other social events. If our back hurts, we find ways to sit around and not move. Then, we spend more money to take more pills and the cycle continues.Without drugs, pills, ointments, or even a doctor, though, we can often be free from pain in only 90 seconds. Using a simple all natural technique for relaxing muscles called FOLD AND HOLD, the pain melts away providing comfort and ease. This technique can be used at home, outdoors, on vacation, or even in the office without any extra equipment, and it can be used on all age groups without side effects.

You can relieve:

  • neck pain
  • back pain
  • wrist pain
  • shin splints
  • heel spurs
  • tennis elbow
  • other aches and pains

Sometimes muscle aches are caused by arthritic conditions where bones rub against them or cause a pinch in a nerve. More often they are caused by muscle spasms that prevent the muscle from contracting or expanding properly. The FOLD AND HOLD technique works by causing the sore muscle to shorten and relax which relieves the spasm and the pain. In effect, it resets the nerves that help align the muscle.

To use this technique simply:
1. Identify the sore muscle
2. Press against it gently
3. Fold it over itself to release the strain
4. Hold for 90 seconds
5. Release slowly

 Using this technique up to three times a day for three days, muscles can be repositioned and spasms reduced giving you greater relief over a longer period of time. If however, this method doesn’t work in that time frame, and you are still experiencing a lot of pain, you should see a doctor.Multiple youtube videos are available showing this technique.
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