Infusion of milk thistle for the liver


Infusion of milk thistle for the liver
The milk thistle infusion is one of the most beneficial medicinal drinks to take care of the liver. Discover how to prepare this healing and protective liver infusion.

The liver, as you surely know, is one of the most important organs of our body precisely because of the incredible number of functions it carries out because without it we could not live without it. Among these functions we can mention some of the most important: it is part of the detoxification process of our body together with the kidneys, stores iron and certain vitamins, stores fats and produces cholesterol, and eliminates the impurities present in the blood.

Therefore, knowing how to take care of the liver is fundamental, not only when it comes to protecting it and maintaining it in an optimal state of health, but also because ultimately our health depends on the health of the liver (if I am allowed redundancy).

Infusión de cardo mariano

And, precisely, it is at this point where we find the milk thistle, without a doubt one of the most recognized medicinal plants for its ability to care for and protect the liver. But let’s go in parts.

The benefits of milk thistle for liver care
There is no doubt that milk thistle is one of those wonderful plants, very suitable for liver care, especially because it provides a certain series of substances with hepatoprotective action. In this sense, Silymarin stands out, acting directly on the cells of the liver, helping to regenerate those cells that have been damaged, and combating the hepatotoxic substances that cause liver damage.

But we can also mention the presence of three other substances that combine perfectly with silymarin: silybin, silidianin, and silcristine.

How to make an infusion of milk thistle to take care of the liver

Ingredients that you need
1 tablespoon of milk thistle fruits
1 cup of water
Steps to make the milk thistle infusion

First, put the Marian thistle fruits in a mortar and mash them a bit or grind them. Then put the equivalent of a cup of water in a saucepan and heat well without it boiling.

Now add the ground fruits of milk thistle, lower the heat so that it does not boil and leave to infuse for 5 or 10 minutes. Finally, sneak and drink.

If you want you can drink two cups a day of this infusion preferably for a month. When it comes to purifying the liver, it is advisable to repeat this remedy twice a year.


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