Dog Gives Tiny Baby a Second Chance at Life


Dog Gives Tiny Baby a Second Chance at Life

There are many, many stories of dogs that perform heroic deeds. Dogs have been honored for their bravery in helping rescue people from house fires, car accidents, drowning, home invasions, and other instances of probable or imminent danger. Dogs have also protected their human families from other dogs and from other animals such as bears, bobcats, and poisonous snakes. Dogs have also been known to run out and get help from other people close by, and dozens of dogs over the years have been honored for their bravery and heroism. This dog is no exception; he was also honored for his act of heroism. He saved the life of one of our weakest and most vulnerable – a human infant.

Dog Gives Tiny Baby a Second Chance at Life

It was every parent’s worst nightmare – the impending death of a child, especially a tiny infant. Over 4,500 infants in the U.S. die each year between the ages of two and four months old. Luckily, little Harper Brousseau got a second chance at life thanks to the family dog. The family dog, Duke, is now a hero to everyone now. Duke himself was saved 6 years ago, adopted from a shelter, and has been the family’s faithful companion ever since. Now, that rescue effort has been repaid by the rescue of all – saving their 9-week-old daughter from certain death.

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1 They Saved Him from a Shelter, and Now, He Has Repaid That Debt Tenfold

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Duke slept on the floor next to the baby’s crib that night, both unaware of the events that were about to happen. Later that night, Duke just knew something was very, very wrong, and immediately ran into the parents’ bedroom. He was scared, shaking terribly, and woke them both up frantically. His unusual behavior gave the parents good reason to wake up and try to find out was wrong. Duke was right – something really was wrong.

The parents got up and immediately checked on the baby. Harper was turning blue already! One of the parents called for an ambulance, and paramedics revived Harper and took her to the hospital. She survived the ordeal and came home healthy, thanks to the family dog Duke.

In the spring of the following year, Duke was honored for his heroism by the Connecticut chapter of the American Red Cross.

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