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Girl Gets Her Cheekbone Removed After Vacation in Egypt

Girl Gets Her Cheekbone Removed After Vacation in Egypt

When the Payton family took a vacation to Egypt, they experienced many various bug bites from unknown sources. Because of the many bites, Tracey Payton did not worry when she noticed a small bump on the face of her eight year old daughter, Emma. Once the family got back from Egypt, Tracey started to feel concerned when the reddened bump remained. She did not realize that her daughter had a rare cancer and she needs to get her cheekbone removed.

Girl Gets Cheekbone Removed After Vacation to Egypt

After a quick visit to the family doctor, Emma was originally diagnosed with a blocked salivary gland. The treatments did not work and the bump continued to grow. Tracey said that it felt like a hard little lump, but did not seem to hurt Emma. Eventually, an MRI test showed that Emma actually had a very rare type of cancer. Emma was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma which is a type of cancer that occurs in the soft tissues of the body.

The tumor was 3 centimeters wide, and it wrapped around the side of Emma’s cheekbone. To get rid of the tumor, Emma had to have a nine hour long surgery. Some of her cheekbone was removed, and the area was repaired with a bone graft from her neck. Doctors then recommended that Emma get proton beam therapy to kill any remaining cancer. This type of radiation is not available in the United Kingdom. The Paytons had to leave their home and go to Oklahoma to get this treatment for Emma.

Removed After Vacation to Egypt

Emma still has a scar, but she is now cancer free. Because her family could not afford the expensive medical treatment in Oklahoma, charitable organizations paid for her treatment. Emma is now a healthy and happy 10 year old. It was scary for her family to watch Emma struggle, but they are relieved that she is cancer free now. After fighting cancer for a while, she is glad to be back at school. Tracey says that Emma “is so active and just loves life.”

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Though Emma’s type of cancer is rare, it most commonly affects children under the age of 10. Less than 60 children in the United Kingdom get it each year. This type of cancer happens in soft tissues like muscles, tendons, cartilages, and bones. The most common locations for a rhabdomyosarcoma to grow are the head, neck, or genitals. It can also grow in the arms, legs, abdomen, or chest. It is typically treated with a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.


Emma was lucky to be diagnosed with the cancer so quickly. Since it starts out looking like a small bump, it often goes undiagnosed for a while. If left untreated, rhabdomyosarcomas can spread throughout the body, harming other tissues. If it is dealt with quickly, there is a better chance of the child surviving a rhabdomyosarcoma. The first warning sign of rhabdomyosarcoma is normally a bump like the one Emma had. Depending on the location of the cancer, symptoms include headaches, bulging eyes, bloody urine, nosebleeds, or difficulty with bowel movements.

Since it mostly happens to younger children, it is important for parents to closely monitor the health of their children. Any unusual bumps or other symptoms should be checked out by a doctor as soon as possible. A fast diagnosis and prompt treatment can make a huge difference and save a child’s life.

cancer Health News

This Boy Woke Up With A Swollen Cheek. Doctors Were Shocked When Discovered The Reason

This Boy Woke Up With A Swollen Cheek. Doctors Were Shocked When Discovered The Reason

Charlie Parry-Gladwin’s was diagnosed with cancer when he woke up with a swollen cheek. A few days before the morning described, Charlie had undergone dental procedures to drain his mouth abscess and remove a tooth. They were later referred to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital for further consultation. After a number tests had been done, the little boy from Llanasa, Flintshire has diagnosed with stage three Hepatoblastoma.

Boy Woke Up With A Swollen Cheek

Speaking to the Daily Post, Charlie’s dad, David Gladwin, revealed that all this had begun on a seemingly normal morning in May. After noticing Charlie’s swollen cheek, he and his wife, Rachel Parry, called the dentist and rushed their son to the doctors where they were informed that the swelling was a result of Charlie’s mouth abscess. Given that it is a rare thing for three-year-olds to get abscesses, they were referred to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd where Charlie was tested rigorously.

Doctors did an ultrasound scan that revealed a mass (tumor) on Charlie’s liver and the family was referred to Alder Hey. At Alder Hey, further tests were conducted which confirmed that Charlie had stage three Hepatoblastoma. This marked the beginning of little Charlie’s fight against cancer. Charlie’s dad confessed to the Daily Post that nothing could have prepared them for the news. After conducting a biopsy, doctors informed them that their son had a 10cm tumor on his liver. That was when their world turn upside down.

On the bright side, doctors informed them that they were lucky to have caught cancer in time, because if it had reached its fourth stage, Charlie would have required a liver transplant.

The first step towards treatment involved doctors fitting a central line under Charlie’s collar bone from his ribs to his heart. This line made it easier for doctors to administer medication to him. Charlie has also undergone four blasts of chemotherapy at Alder Hey for some months that decreased the size of the tumor to 6cm.

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But chemotherapy is only the first of many treatments Charlie has had to undergo. In August, doctors at Birmingham Children’s Hospital did an MRI scan on Charlie that revealed the necessity of surgery to extract the remaining parts of the tumor. Charlie underwent the surgery later that month where doctors removed parts of the tumor along with his gall bladder and a third of his liver.

After the surgery, Charlie was back at Alder Hey where he received two more blasts of Chemotherapy. Speaking to the Daily post, his parents admit they are amazed at how well Charlie is handling all this.

“He’s a tough cookie.”

Prestatyn Charity Belief, a local fundraising group, has stood by Charlie and his family throughout this entire ordeal. The founder, Steve Evans, paid a visit to the family and donated an electronic tablet for Charlie to play games on, as well as some Fireman Sam toys for him and his older brother, William. This charity has raised money and donated gifts for local causes. Mr. Evans confessed it was a pleasure to meet Charlie and his family. He sympathized with their predicament saying it was impossible to imagine the extent to which such an event must have turned their lives around.

Elsewhere, a teddy is raising funds for Charlie while simultaneously raising awareness of his condition. David’s friends from Prestatyn Air Cadets bought Charlie this teddy as a gift. This military dressed teddy known as Officer Charlie Bear has its Facebook page where he shares his adventures from across the world. Charlie’s dad thought of it as a great way to create awareness for Charlie’s condition while occupying Charlie with something to focus on during his stay in the hospital. The page has been a success so far and has helped raise funds for CLIC Sargent as well as Alder Hey.

We wish Charlie a quick recovery. He is an inspiration to many.