This Woman Had Been Suffering Terrible Headaches For 9 Months, The Reason Behind Will Scare You


This Woman Had Been Suffering Terrible Headaches For 9 Months, The Reason Behind Will Scare You

Headaches are a common malady, but 31-year-old Yadira Rostro of Texas knew something was wrong when, over the course of a year, her headaches continuously got worse and refused to go away. The busy mom wasn’t able to get to the doctor as soon as she would have liked and was horrified by what her doctors discovered when she did venture to the hospital: there were 8 sacks of tapeworm eggs growing inside her brain.

Headacke woman

Although it’s a guess exactly when Rostro picked up her unwanted passengers, it is speculated that they likely entered her body through contaminated food or water during her trip to Mexico two years before her worms were discovered. They likely entered her blood stream during digestion rather than being flushed out of the body, and then were carried by her blood to her brain where they lodged and began to grow.

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Severe Headaches For 9 Months

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Rostro gave her neurosurgeon, Dr. Richard Meyrat of the Methodist Dallas Medical Center, permission to share video and photos of the egg sacks removed from her body but has expressed no desire to see them for herself. Instead, she is simply grateful that the parasites, who caused her some vision problems as well as headaches, are now gone and her life has returned to normal.

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