Top 5 Destinations for Lasik Eye Surgery Around the World


Top 5 Destinations for Lasik Eye Surgery Around the World

Do you have problems with your eyes and perhaps looking for the best destination for Lasik eye surgery? Lasik eye surgery is a laser procedure which is the most popular refractive method practiced in the United States. It corrects common vision problems including short-sightedness, far-sightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism. It reduces a patient’s dependence on contact lenses and eyeglasses. Let’s have a look at some of the destinations you can find Lasik eye surgery across the world.

  • United Kingdom

With numerous Laser Eye Surgery clinics and medical practices, London’s Harley Street in the United Kingdoms is a hotbed for patients with eye problems. Being among the medical hubs across the globe, clinics in London receives access to latest developments, which means safety, improved performance, and experience. Although the price varies with the condition being treated, Lasik eye surgery in UK is between $1,500 and $ 3,000 per eye.

  • Cyprus

Some clinics in Cyprus offer the best rate for low cost Lasik eye surgery. Cyprus is considered a suitable destination because of its association with the United Kingdom in health. The clinics also provide a wide range of cosmetic surgical treatments. You can compare various how much Lasik at various clinics to save money for your treatment. Prices vary with the condition being treated but you can have it performed for as little as $500 per eye.

  • India

This is perhaps the best destinations around the world where one can get Lasik eye surgery at an affordable price. India hosts the best optometrists with experience and great facilities. Though the price may vary in various centers and depending with the condition being treated, you can have it done at 50,000 Rupees for both eyes. This is equivalent to $800.

  • Russia

Credit to several eye clinics, institutes, and vision correction centers, Russia happen to be a great destination where patients can get laser eye surgery at a lower cost. Prices may vary with institutions and condition, but it starts at around 30,000 rubles. This equates to approximately $500 per eye. Some clinics offer platforms where you can partly return the cash spent on the surgery under tax deduction system.

  • Hungary

This is another great destination where you can go for Lasik eye surgery at an affordable price. The price starts at around $430 per eye.


As you can see, undergoing a laser eye treatment abroad can be relatively expensive than in the United States and United Kingdom. Some Asian and other European countries offer the service at a lower cost perhaps due to a number of factors such as lower cost of living and better exchange rates. It is worth noting that though laser eye surgery may be cheaper abroad, proper aftercare may not be effective. You may also incur additional expenses, such as flights, accommodation and insurance.

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