What is a Conduction Vaporizer?


What is a Conduction Vaporizer?

There are two ways of heating stuff; convection and conduction. Conduction generally involves passing heat around an item to ultimately heating it up. Convection on the other hand requires the heat source to get into contact with what is being heated in order heat up. Modern vaporizers use the conduction way. It is effective as it allows for accurate temperature control. This can be done with a simple touch of a button.

Conduction Vaporizer

Conduction vaporizers are efficient in that they assist in managing combustion. They do not encourage the item being heated to light up in a ball of flames or basically combust. Because of combustion, dangerous toxins that cause cancer and other health problems are created. Because of vaporization, no toxins are emitted from the material being heated.

This is because, the heating element is separated from the wax chamber. This essentially makes sure that the chamber is not melted, and that vaporization occurs in a rather controlled environment.

Conduction vaporizers make heating less complicated. They are more affordable than the convectional products. Conduction vaporizers allow for vapor production from the first draw.  This is an advantage compared to the convection vaporizers that produce quality vapor after a few draws. Conduction vaporizers require less time to heat up stuff to the required temperatures.

On the other hand, conduction vaporizers are known for their low efficiency. This means that the herbs are required to be heated throughout the heating and cooling down session. This results to a significant wastage of active substances. Conduction vaporizers produce vapor that is not full of flavor as compared to the other convection vaporizers. They also do not allow quick inhalation. It is usually advisable to have full sessions rather than quick sessions that will still leave the substance burning and going to waste.

In conduction vaporizers, the heat sources are in direct contact with your stash. They heat up faster than the other types of vaporizers. These vaporizers were initially the first in the vape market. Reason being that they were user friendly and relatively cheap to own one. They are considered more efficient and produce better vapor quality than the convection vaporizers. When using conduction vaporizers, the substance being heated is only heated from the bottom side. This ultimately means that you as a user will inhale vapor from any part; hot or cold parts, leaving you with a different or weird flavor and taste every time you inhale.

Because of the low heat involved, vapor produced is cooler than the smoke produced by convection vaporizers. This ultimately makes a vaping session a lot easier and smoother on a user’s throat, as the user is not inhaling hot smoke that would burn the throat. Portable conduction vaporizers are efficient mostly in the cases where they are used for medication purposes. The two heating methods; conduction and convection require one’s understanding. Where herbs are involved, one needs to understand the best vaporizer to use. With the number of vaporizers increasing in the market today, one needs to find the one that suits them best.


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