She Risks Facial Paralysis to Remove Cancerous Tumor


She Risks Facial Paralysis to Remove Cancerous Tumor

Salivary glands are located in your mouth, and their main purposes are to produce saliva and to digest starches. The parotid glands are the largest salivary glands, and they can be found in front of each ear. Around 70% of salivary gland tumors occur in one of the parotid glands. These tumors are often benign, and they grow slowly. They can become very large. Cancerous tumor of the parotid gland are very rare.


One morning, Angie noticed a lump the size of an almond in front of her ear. Angie went to her docotor about the lump, and she was told that it was a swollen lymph node. Years later, the growth was larger than a grapefruit, and Angie couldn’t even cover it with her hair. Doctors refused to remove the tumor because they believed it was benign, and they didbn’t want to risk damage to Angie’s facial nerves. The surgery was considered to be a cosmetic procedure.

She Risks Facial Paralysis to Remove Cancerous Tumor

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Unfortunately, the tumor affected Angie’s life. She avoided being seen in public, and she did not spend time with her children outside of the house.

The healthcare professionals on The Doctors set up a consultation with Angie and Drs. Ryan Osborne and Jason Hamilton. Angie appeared on The Doctors to tell her story. Angie was warned that the surgery could damage her facial nerves, but she said she wanted to undergo the procedure anyway.


In this video, Angie tearfully explains how difficult her life has become. She and her surgeons are interviewed on The Doctors, and her condition is explained to the studio audience.

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