This Viral Video Shows a Baby Delivering Itself During a C-Section!


This Viral Video Shows a Baby Delivering Itself During a C-Section!

Isn’t it amazing seeing your child is being born and wriggling out of your womb on its own? That sounds unbelievable until of late because majority of C-sections involve a sterile sheet that shields the mother from witnessing her kid being born. Credit to a new method known as natural caesarean, Sarah Saunders from Britain watched her childbirth. She shared her video on YouTube which has received more than 180,000 views as we speak. In the video Saunders appears calm, happy, and unmoved. She is laughing and chatting with her husband as medical experts pushes her son outside her womb, through a process that looks like natural childbirth, in reference to the Telegraph. Although the process lasts longer than traditional C-sections, Saunders says it is memorable and she will cherish it for her lifetime.

This Viral Video Shows a Baby Delivering Itself During a C-Section!

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Family Moment

In reference to an article in the British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, natural C-section allows inclusion of the first family moments together. Fundamentally, the method gives the parents an opportunity to incorporate some of the natural aspects of child delivery that appears important to them. They can witness the childbirth, can hold the child immediately, breastfeed right away, and allow the mother to stay with her baby together as much as possible.

Uncompromised Care

According to Dr. Jeff Livingston, an OB/GY in Irving, Texas, natural C-section requires a coordination of care from the surgeons, nurses, and pediatric teams. Dr. Livingston who recently carried out his fast natural C-section says that they were able to give the mother the experience she wanted without compromising the care. Terming it as “gentle” C-section, Dr. Livingston notes that there are complications in most surgeries. Rather than a regional block, the mother many require a general anesthesia during the whole process. This means she will be totally sedated and complications with the baby or the mother can occur.

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