She Files Lawsuit After Blindness Caused By THIS Contact Lenses


She Files Lawsuit After Blindness Caused By THIS Contact Lenses

Due to high amount of people who files lawsuit, The FDA had already made warnings concerning the cosmetic contacts on their website. The warning stated that a customer should receive a prescription for the contact lenses to avoid eye damage. According to the warning, the contacts lenses of a particular size does not fit everyone. It also stated that the contact lenses are devices regulated by US Food and Drug Administration. There is a clear indication that any other person who advertises or sells the contact lenses is breaking the law.

She Files Lawsuit After Blindness Caused By THIS Contact Lenses

Liza Garcia Sues

The FDA warning did not make total sense until February 10, 2017, when Liza Garcia filed a lawsuit in Lubbock County. The lawsuit indicated that she is currently blind after wearing Lubbock flea market contact lenses. She had purchased the contacts lenses on February 9, 2016, from One Stop contact lenses for cosmetic purpose. She was like their long term customer.

The lawsuit indicates that Ms. Garcia had worn the contact lenses for three days when her eyes started swelling.  She sought medical attention from Covenant ER but all was in vain. Ms. Garcia was later diagnosed with bacterial infection triggered by the contact lenses at UMC’s ER. She religiously went for routine checkups in the hospital but all was gone at the end of it.  Her eyes were permanently damaged with a stamp of scar tissue and ulcers. She became officially blind.

Eyesight Lost

Rion Sanford, her attorney explains that Garcia lost her eyesight, job and was never ready for any of these. According to Sanford, Ms. Garcia will have to be rehabilitated, assisted through corneal transplant but was not sure yet. He determined that the product that Ms. Garcia used was not only illegally sold, but also highly defective. Additionally, the victim lost her sight which makes the case important.

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Compensation Terms

Mr. Sanford was concerned at how people wear class 2 devices that they do not know and not have any expectations.  He commented that the vendors who pick up the so-called ‘non-vision correction lenses’ are not eye care professionals. They treat the device as a cosmetic rather than a medical device. Ms. Garcia is seeking a compensation of over a million dollars for suffering, pain, and mental anguish resulting from the eye problems as indicated in the lawsuit. The lawsuit states that Garcia was not informed by the seller that the device was medically regulated and the expected dangers.


Sanford feels the need of informing people how serious the contact lenses should be taken. He also observes that there are many people involved in the contact lenses business.  Therefore, concluded the complexity of determining how the lenses are made or distributed.

In the lawsuit, the Bella contact lenses manufacturers and distributors are accused of breaking the FDA regulations. Sanford is hopeful that the case will create awareness about the disadvantages of using contact lenses. He believes that Ms. Garcia should not be blind and the people responsible should pay. He trusts that accountability will come from the Lubbock citizens and jurors who will make the decision on who the lawbreaker is.

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