This Woman Lost Her Eye While Doing a Simple Craft Project


This Woman Lost Her Eye While Doing a Simple Craft Project

Glitter might look cute and sparkly, but it can be quite dangerous. This common crafting supply is actually made from sharp pieces of metal or plastic, which can cause microscopic cuts. One young mother, a woman named Erica Diaz, learned this the hard way after she got glitter in her eye, but sadly, her attempts to raise awareness have mostly been ignored.

Woman Lost Her Eye

The whole thing started several months ago when Diaz was doing a craft project with her daughter. As she was cleaning up from the project, a tiny speck of glitter got into her eye. At first, this bit of glitter was only painful, but after it cut her eye, the whole situation got much worse. It turned out that the glitter had a tiny mold spore on it. When the sharp edge of the glitter cut her eye, the mold spore was able to infect Diaz’s entire eyeball. Her doctor first just recommended antibiotic medications and eye drops, but these did not fix the problem. Diaz ended up having two cornea transplants, but none of the surgeries could fix her eye.


Ultimately, Diaz had to have the eye removed because doctors were worried about the infection spreading to her brain and potentially killing her. Diaz decided to use her experience to inform others about the potential dangers of glitter. She posted an album on the popular image sharing website, Imgur, that showed gruesome pictures of her eye as she went through the many surgeries and procedures while trying to fix her eye. She ended the album by explaining that “there was a chance that…glitter in my eye could actually kill me. I beg you, PLEASE wear eye protection when dealing with glitter.”

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The gruesome pictures ended up going viral, but unfortunately, a great deal of misinformation about Diaz was spread. The many clickbait websites on the Internet ended up twisting the story, and many people thought that Diaz got glitter in her eye after she attempted to wear crafting glitter as makeup. Diaz was just trying to raise awareness about how dangerous a simple craft could be, but she ended up being bullied online by people who called her an idiot for using crafting glitter as eyeshadow.

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Despite the frustrations of dealing with ignorant online bullies and an insurance company that is trying to get out of paying for her procedures, Diaz has remained remarkably optimistic. Her friends started a GoFundMe page that helped to cover her medical bills, and Diaz is grateful to still be alive and spending time with her loved ones. She says, “I’m still happy and living life and doing my thing.”

Diaz’s story may sound unusual, but it is actually disconcertingly common. The eyes are a very sensitive part of the body, and they can easily be scratched by small particles of wood, metal, plant material, or hair. Though the cornea typically heals in a few days after being scratched, the danger of an infection is very high. It can usually be stopped if it is treated in time, but some infections quickly spread throughout the eyeball.

Many other people besides Diaz have ended up with life-threatening infections after a tiny bit of mold or bacteria got into a cut on the eye. Because of the many dangers of cornea scratches, it is important to see your doctor if one occurs and get antibiotics promptly. Preventing any scratches from occurring by wearing the proper eye protection while doing anything with glitter or other tiny, sharp objects is one of the best ways to protect your eyes from scratches and infections.

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