She Finally Discovers The Reason of Her Itchy Eyes…It’s Gross


She Finally Discovers The Reason of Her Itchy Eyes…It’s Gross

All of us have had one of those days where our eyes just will not seem to stop itching. Whether it is a pair of old contact lens’ or a few hours spent outside in the wind, we think to ourselves “A few drops of saline solution should do the trick” and go about the rest of our day. After all, it is not an uncommon occurrence, just a rather annoying inconvenience that can be dealt with. But after viewing this shocking and slightly disturbing video, you may rethink ignoring those eye pangs after all!

Itchy Eyes

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This woman apparently had no idea that the cause of her itchy eyes were a set of lice that had made themselves at home in between her eyelashes! One must wonder how on Earth a person fails to notice something so, well, to put it bluntly, gross. In the video you will see a closeup clip of the lice in her eye, which is deemed absolutely cringeworthy.
The next time you feel a minor itch come on, be sure to take precaution and flush those peepers out well!

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