She Looks at Her Newborn and Realizes Its Not Her Boy, Then a DNA Test Helps to Find Her Biological Son


She Looks at Her Newborn and Realizes Its Not Her Boy, Then a DNA Test Helps to Find Her Biological Son

The Baltimore Sun states that more than 28,000 babies get switched at birth every year. The Kushworth family are a part of that statistic, but they experienced the miracle of having their baby returned in the end. Mercy Kushworth just recently got the opportunity to hold her son, Moses, in her arms after a several-month separation during which she raised another baby in her home country, El Salvador. Mercy and her husband Rich got pregnant in the United States, but Mercy went back home to have the baby since she was on a temporary visa. She had the baby there, and the accidental switch occurred there. The couple is now going through some challenges trying to get Moses permanent residency in the U.S.


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The mishap occurred in the hospital and was most likely a human error. The mother felt that something was wrong and that the baby that she had was taken home was not the same baby that she saw after she had Moses. Her intuition was apparently correct because the DNA test proved that she was not the mother of the child that she had.

The couple’s real baby did get returned to their arms, but he is only on a temporary visa. The parents want the child to dwell with them permanently in the United States. The struggle may take a little time, but the parents are confident that God is on their side through all of this.

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