Mom Pens Viral Note to Ex’s New Girlfriend


Mom Pens Viral Note to Ex’s New Girlfriend

Audrey Nicole, a young woman living in Newport News, decided not to let jealousy and insecurity ruin the relationship that her young daughter was building with her new stepmom. In an open message posted on Facebook, Nicole praised the ex’s new girlfriend instead of tearing her down.


“This is my daughter’s father’s girlfriend,” she wrote, posting a picture of her little one with Whitney McGraw, the new woman in her ex’s life. Both ladies were grinning and sticking their tongues out at the camera. “The sweetest thing ever!”


She went on to express her gratitude that McGraw fed, clothed and spent time with her daughter “like she was her own.” She also blasted the idea that she should be hateful about her daughter bonding with someone else.

“A kid can have two moms,” she wrote, “because in my eyes, the more people that love her, I’m happy!”


Criticizing other women for letting their pettiness dictate their happiness, she encouraged everyone to forget the “drama” of their personal lives. According to Nicole, it isn’t easy to raise a child that isn’t yours, and she thinks that new stepmoms should be applauded for their efforts instead of treated like villains or outsiders.

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“When there is someone trying, don’t push them away,” she wrote. She also warned women that they’re creating self-fulfilling prophecies when they run off their ex’s new girlfriends. By making them feel unwanted, they actually become unwanted, and they’re more likely to leave the relationship and hurt the children by doing so.

“Ladies,” Nicole wrote, “grow up and focus on being a good mom.”


It’s a message that clearly resonated with the web. Though she posted the update to Facebook with no intention of turning it into a viral phenomenon, it was picked up by the “Love What Matters” group and used as an example of love and acceptance. In less than a month, the original post has been “liked” more than 57,000 times and shared more than 9,000 times. It’s also attracted more than 2,000 comments of support.





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