Scandal Dating Story of 100% Identical Twin Girls


Scandal Dating Story of 100 Percent Identical Twin Girls

The psychology of dating has evolved over the past decade. When the television networks introduced a plural family living in a rural community in Utah, it opened the door for other “abnormal situations” to be freely discussed. People feel free to display their unique relationship issues that were often kept in secrete. Such is the case with Anna and Lucy Decinque. They are known as insight twins who share the love and bed of one man.

Scandal Dating Story of 100% Identical Twin Girls

Four years ago, the girls met the love of their life, Ben Byrne. The girls are 30 year old biological twins, and Byrne is 32 years old. However, as if the situation was not odd enough, they feel that they must have the exact facade. They believe so much in their clone like appearance that they have spent more than $250,000 alone in plastic surgery. They wear the same clothes, fix their hair the same, and even wear the same makeup. The girls sleep in a king size bed with Byrne and live in their mother’s home. It is a strange set up by traditional standards, but psychologically what could this be doing to them?

Twin Girls

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First, monogamy is not what it used to be. Gone are the days when traditional marriage is valued as it once was. The idea of an exclusive romantic relationship just does not mean the same thing today. A plural marriage is defined by a man with more than one wife. When a wife has more than one man it is considered a polyamorous relationship. Though the Byrne-Decinque relationship would fall under polygamy, or plural marriage, it does not quite fit the standard profile for that relationship due to the circumstances. The desire to look 100 percent identical is bizarre, even for twins.

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