Find Out Why She Gave Her Husband Permission to Cheat on Her

Find Out Why She Gave Her Husband Permission to Cheat on Her

The issue of cheating spouses has been around since the creation of marriage. The question of why has been around just as long. Recently a new question has emerged. Why women allow their husbands to cheat?

Permission to Cheat

In a recent interview, a couple from Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK admitted that Amy Jones, age 30, has given permission to her husband Ryan, age 32, to sleep with other women. Amy, a mother of two, confessed that after the birth of each of her children her libido disappeared. Before the birth of their children, Ryan and Amy had an active love life. Understanding Ryan’s needs, Amy suggested that Ryan sleep with other women until her libido returned. After the birth of their first child, Amy’s libido returned after about a year. Since the birth of their second child late last year the couple has not been !nt!mate. Amy states she has strict rules when it comes to Ryan’s activities:


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• Amy must be made aware of who the other woman is.
• Ryan must practice safe closeness.
• Ryan must not make love with anyone more than once.
• Amy must be given every detail immediately afterward.
• If there are text messages or emails involved, Amy must be allowed to see them.


The arrangement has worked nicely for the couple in the past. When Amy’s libido returned after their first child, they were able to pick up $e*ually right where they left off.


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