This Surprising Food Damages Your Sperm


This Surprising Food Damages Your Sperm

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant and have hit some bumps in the road, be sure to look at all of the possible sources for the problem. You would be surprised to find out that your partner’s diet could be to blame. There’s a surprising, healthy food that can actually decrease his sperm count, making conception a challenge. Before you start fertility treatments, take a look in the refrigerator. If he’s loading up on soy products, it’s time to make some changes.

Surprising Food Damages Your Sperm

Soy is a Problem for Men
When you think about healthy foods, soy comes in at the top of the list, especially when it’s used in tofu. If you and your partner are vegetarians, you probably use soy as a staple in your tofu. It’s versatile and can be cooked in so many different dishes. However, the Daily Beast shares the results of a study out of Harvard that suggests the soy has go to go when it comes to a man’s fertility. Women find soy-based products to be beneficial, especially when menopause sets in. Foods with a soy base can actually balance a woman’s estrogen levels. For a man, this can be a serious problem. If a man has any issues involving a low sperm count, soy products can really throw his system off balance. If conception is a priority, you want to increase his sperm count. That means giving testosterone a boost, not estrogen.

It’s All About Quantity looked at the same study and noted concerns with soy products. However, quantity appears to be part of the problem. When reviewing the results of the study, it was the men who had a regular intake of soy-based products who saw the most serious drop in fertility. If your partner is eating soy all the time and is a really big fan, you’ll want to look for some other alternatives. He doesn’t necessarily need to give up soy-based products completely. The best bet is to limit the amount of soy that he is eating on a daily basis. When it is your ovulation period, this is your window of opportunity. Make sure he lays off the soy during this vital window of time.

Weight is Another Issue
More factors could be involved when considering a diet that is high in soy content. If your partner is overweight, this can cause him to produce more estrogen in his system. Soy can aggravate the situation. Ask Men looked at studies that focused on the connection between soy products and sperm count. Experts noted that increased estrogen levels make it harder to keep the weight off. Consuming soy products could be a double-whammy. Even though soy is healthy, it can make it hard for a man to maintain a healthy body weight. Regular exercise and a change in diet could bring down estrogen levels and make sperm counts go up. You can find solutions to your fertility problem and it could all begin with a change in eating habits.

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