Get Rid Of Liver Stones In 24 Hours With This Safe Liver Cleanse. Your Liver Will Thank You!


Get Rid Of Liver Stones In 24 Hours With This Safe Liver Cleanse. Your Liver Will Thank You!

Even if you rarely or never drink, your liver can become overloaded with toxins that need to be flushed on a regular basis. Since the liver is responsible for performing over 400 vital functions in your body, it’s important to keep it in tip-top shape. If you don’t take steps to keep your liver clean and healthy, you and your body will suffer via clogged ducts, gallstones, and other maladies that will make you downright miserable. Below are some proven, safe, natural remedies you can use to successfully detox your liver and improve your overall health.

Liver Stones

The 24-Hour Cold Saline Detox

Keep in mind that while this method has been proven to work, it’s not recommended to try it if you’re pregnant, lactating, or otherwise ill with another ailment. Also, keep in mind that you’ll likely poop more than a goose after a wild night on the town, which is why it’s advised to implement this remedy on the weekends or when you have at least 2 free days.

For starters, you’ll need:

  • 4 teaspoons of unrefined sea salt
  • 1/2 cup of cold-pressed olive oil
  • Freshly squeezed citrus juice (it’s recommended that the fruit to be red)
  • A cup with a lid

Combine all ingredients with 3 cups water and pour into a tall bottle. It’s recommended to refrigerate the mixture to improve its taste. Because of the salt content of this mixture, it’s best to avoid consuming high-salt foods such as chips, processed meat, etc., as well as any foods with a high-fat content.

You’ll need to stop eating completely after 2 p.m. in order to successfully implement this method, as well as to avoid making yourself sick.

You’ll take the first dose at 6 p.m., which will involve drinking one-fourth of the mixture in the bottle.

You’ll take the next dose at 8 p.m.

For your next dose at 9:45 p.m., you’ll need to mix in the juice from one grapefruit with the 1/2 cup of cold-pressed olive oil. It’s recommended that you make a bathroom visit before consuming this dose.

For your last dose at 10 p.m., drink another 1/4 of the solution while standing up for five minutes.

Afterward, you’ll need to lie down on your back, relax, and remain calm for twenty minutes and try to get some sleep. Sleep is a good thing at this point because you’re going to be running the equivalent of a marathon to and from the toilet. Not to worry, though, as that is to be expected and is actually beneficial.

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Two hours later, consume the remaining solution. After this, you can resume eating although it’s best to start out with some fruit juice and then progress to fruit.

After one hour, you can eat regular foods again. This process works by opening the ducts to your liver and other pathways in order to clear out stones that have formed. While these aren’t crystallized like kidney stones, they are still problematic in that they collect and harbor bacteria, which can result in a host of health problems.

Some Other Natural Remedies To Consider

Aside from the remedy mentioned above, there are other ways to do an all-natural, at home detox. One of these methods involves consuming Turmeric, a valuable spice that can be found in any grocery store. Turmeric can be consumed in the form of a tea, or added to your food, especially lentil and vegetable stews. Some other natural remedies include garlic, grapefruit, beets, carrots, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, walnuts, cabbage, and green tea, all of which are relatively inexpensive and readily available at your local grocery store.

A Healthy Liver Is A Happy Liver

By doing a liver detox at least twice a year, you’ll discover that you have improved energy and overall better health. When your liver isn’t functioning properly, it can lead to problems such as headaches, fatigue/sluggishness, and possible skin discoloration, known as jaundice. Since Mother Nature provides everything you need to keep your liver and the rest of you healthy, why not take advantage of it?

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