What A Mole Location On Your Body Says About Your Personality


What A Mole Location On Your Body Says About Your Personality

Moles. No, I’m not talking about those fat, cute little critters that live in the ground. I’m talking about those various little bumps and dots on your body that often leave you scratching your head in bewilderment. While moles are often hereditary in nature, they can be used for more than a fun game of connect-the-dots with your partner. In case you didn’t know, mole placement on your body has direct links to certain aspects of your personality. Now isn’t that more exciting than the type of mole that lives in the ground?

Back mole


Moles located on the forehead are often indicative of the person’s wisdom. A mole located here can also represent craftiness and the tendency to have a happy marriage. If the mole is located on the right side, it means the person will be a good business or marriage partner. If it’s located on the left side, however, it means that the person doesn’t have the best of luck.


A mole on the right side of the eyebrow means success, wealth, and several children. A mole on the left side, however, means the person is a coward, has a tendency to develop addictions, will have few children, and will suffer from bitterness in their life.

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Moles on the outside corners of the eyes represent honesty, sobriety, and trustworthiness.


Any mole on any part of the nose means the person is passionate about life in general. The larger the mole, however, means the person has a large appetite for those, um, adult activities we’re all familiar with. Well, you know what they say about large noses. I suppose the same applies to moles now…


A mole on either cheek means the person is athletic and courageous. The larger the mole, the faster the person is regarding athletic ability.


Any moles on the ears represent wealth. However, any moles that appear on the lower half of the ear means that the person should be extremely careful around water, as they have an increased risk of drowning.


Moles that appear on the lips point to problems with weight and diet. It can also signify ongoing health issues that need constant attention.

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A mole on the chin means the person is well-traveled and excels in all matters of business. The person also tends to be charming and will succeed in sales, as he/she is viewed as being naturally persuasive.


A mole on the front of the neck means the person is great when it comes to playing cards. However, if the mole is located on the back of the neck, it means that the person has the capacity to literally become a “pain in the neck” and also suffers from bad luck.



A mole on the right shoulder indicates diplomacy, wisdom and the ability to keep a secret. However, people with this trait may sometimes withhold affection from their loved ones. A mole on the left shoulder indicates a narcissist who loves to fight, probably because their life is dull and unsatisfying. Is it just me, or does it seem the left side of our bodies is nothing but trouble?

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