The Way You Choose Your Bra Says Weird Things About Your Personality


The Way You Choose Your Bra Says Weird Things About Your Personality

Personal style can say a number of things about a person, but what if we told you that your choice in undergarments can say a lot about your personality? We all have a style or color that we prefer and we usually have a specific look or feel that we’re going for when shopping for a new bra. There are so many styles to choose from when it comes to finding the perfect bra. We have to consider the different types, colors, styles, fits, and who knows what else! So that’s why we’ve come up with some of the most common characteristics of bras and categorized them with personality types. Here are 5 things that your choice in bras says about your personality:

The Way You Choose Your Bra Says Weird Things About Your Personality

1.) Nude and Neutral colors

You’re a natural beauty and like to leave a little for the imagination. You like to coordinate your outfits and look for key pieces that are versatile and suitable for any outfit! This fits your personality because you are modest, practical, and have a love for all things natural and pure.

2.) Lace and Bold Prints

You have a statement to make, and usually you’re the life of the party. Lacey bras and bold prints allow you to show express the most extroverted side of you personality, even if it is hidden from the world. You’re outgoing, flirty, and unapologetic. Go ahead girl!

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3.) The Black Bra

You should never mix business and pleasure, but, in this case, it’s okay. Whether you’re running out the door in a rush to make it to your next meeting, or out on the town with your girlfriends, one thing is for sure, you’re down for anything! If this is your go to the garment, then you’re most likely a savvy business woman who isn’t afraid to let loose every once in a while.

4.) Sports bra

You’re comfortable in your own skin and don’t need those pesky, and sometimes uncomfortable underwires and extra straps getting in your way. You’re a strong, and independent woman who can hold her own when the going gets tough. For you, the fancier bras just don’t cut it, and you don’t need those strappy things getting in your way! You’re the type of woman that wakes up and says, “Come on the world, try me!”

5.) No bra

Who says you have to wear a bra anyway? Women have been burning their bras for decades and what better way to express your inner (and outer) femininity than going as natural? If you enjoy the freedom of going bra-less, more power to you! You’re most likely the type of person who goes against the structures set by society and enjoy the freedom of just simply being yourself.

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There are a number of things your bra can say about your personality, but one thing is for sure when it comes to choosing your favorite bra and that’s how you feel when you wear it. Women should be able to embrace their personality and curves in no matter what they wear! This is one of a more fun parts of being a woman and being able to express yourself through clothing is what gives us individuality and sets us apart from one another.

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