Natural Remedy to Get Rid of Mucus and Hacking Coughs in One Night


Natural Remedy to Get Rid of Mucus and Hacking Coughs in One Night

If you’ve ever been up all night with a nagging cough and so stuffed up it seemed intolerable, you know just how unpleasant lingering symptoms can be. Long after the infectious period of a virus or bacterial illness has passed, hacking coughs and an excess of mucus in the lungs and sinuses can continue to cause disruption to daily life and overall discomfort. In children, delicate airways make these conditions particularly unpleasant and potentially dangerous.

Natural Remedy to Get Rid of Mucus and Hacking Coughs in One Night

There are a number of a cough, cold and flu remedies on the market that claim to be able to eliminate coughs, but often, they ease symptoms with the first few doses and then tolerance makes them stop working. Perhaps worse yet is the high cost of the products, often costing 10 or 20 dollars for truly potent medication. If you’re sick of the cost and irritation that comes along with trying to kick the tail end of a cold, you’re not alone, and there is an alternative.

All Natural Cough and Mucus Remedy

Natural remedies for treating coughing, congestion and sore throat symptoms abound. After all, respiratory illness is as old as human beings themselves. For centuries, people around the world have sworn by certain remedies, such as ginger, in the effective treatment of a cough and cold symptoms. The natural enzymes in ginger cause tightened sinus passages to relax, allowing the body to drain as it naturally should. They also soothe sore and aching lungs, reducing the urge to cough by both providing lung relief and easing post nasal drip.

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When coughs hang on, the repeated muscle strain and weakening of coughing can in and of itself drive a cough to continue on for longer, so an effective pause button for hacking coughs can help to do away with the problem quickly. Other natural remedies are often paired with ginger in creating effective relief. Honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities that make it a perfect addition to a remedy for coughs and cold symptoms.

What Is Ginger?

Ginger is a flowering plant, the rhizome root of which is harvested and used both in cuisine and in medicinal preparations around the world. To taste, ginger has an earthy taste with hints of pepper and citrus. As a medicine or within medicinal compounds, ginger has been used to treat pain and nausea, in addition, to using for a cough and cold relief. The root is commonly available in most places in the world, and can generally be found in the produce section of the grocery store among other roots and small produce items.

Ginger Wraps for Overnight Relief

Not all preparations designed to treat hacking coughs and sinus congestion are taken internally. A cough and mucus remedies that are inhaled or rubbed on the body have been equally common throughout history. Often, simply inhaling vapors or putting a compress on the body can provide relief without having some of the side effects of taking medication internally. Let’s take a closer look at one such remedy.

Ginger Wrap


  • Flour
  • Olive Oil
  • Honey
  • Paper Towel
  • Gauze
  • Skin-friendly adhesive tape
  • Ginger Juice

To prepare, mix some flour with a minimal amount of honey, producing a mixture that is not sticky to the tongue. Combine with a little olive oil and ginger juice. The combined ingredients should be placed on a napkin which should then be wrapped in gauze or cheesecloth.

This external treatment should be affixed slightly above the heart on either the chest or the back. Adults may sleep while wearing the wrap, but children should not do so. Adults should be warned that they will sweat significantly in their sleep while using the compress. If a more potent effect is needed or desired, powdered mustard can be added to the compound.

While this treatment is ideal for many people struggling with a hacking cough or lingering mucus issues, children younger than six and anyone with a skin disease or skin injury should avoid using this treatment method because of potential complications.

For many families trying to stay closer to nature and avoid harsh chemicals, natural cough remedies like ginger wraps are an inexpensive way to attain relief and return to good health. With all ingredients readily available at the average grocery store, making a home remedy such as a ginger wrap is a simple and affordable prospect.

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