Smoke Free: Tips to Help You Stop Smoking All On Your Own


Smoke Free: Tips to Help You Stop Smoking All On Your Own

We all know smoking is a very unhealthy habit and quitting can be incredibly hard. Nicotine is addictive both physically and psychologically but you can stop smoking with the right information and tips, although it might take some time to fully break the habit. Here are some tips for quitting smoking all on your own and getting a healthier lifestyle.

Smoke Free- Tips to Help You Stop Smoking All On Your Own

Get Rid of Your Cigarettes
If you decide to quit smoking, one of your first steps should be to remove the cigarettes and tobacco from your home or purse. Having cigarettes around will make it easy to start smoking again or have a small relapse. Having ashtrays, lighters, or other similar items around will increase your cravings subconsciously as well. Throw out as much as you can, or at least put things where they cannot be seen every day.

Steer Clear Of Other Smokers
A very powerful force that can easily derail your efforts to quit smoking is your friends. You need to steer clear of other smokers as much as possible. Stay away from areas where you would normally stand and smoke. This will remove the temptation to borrow a cigarette and light up again. Try to see your friends only when those people are not smoking.

Try Using Smoking Cessation Devices
Allowing the nicotine to completely leave your body can be difficult. Try using smoking cessation devices to help with the process. These are things like patches or gum that you can purchase over-the-counter. These aids can help to take the edge off when you stop smoking on a daily basis. That will make it much easier to start leading a life that does not include cigarettes or tobacco. You can also talk to your doctor about what other options he might recommend to help you quit. Or might as well try vaporizers like the Davinci IQ device that is meant for those who would want to quit smoking.

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Use Natural Remedies
While nicotine patches and gum can help take the edge off, there are some other natural ways to get rid of your cravings. Herbal products like lobelia, passion flower, peppermint and ginger root have been shown to produce effects similar to nicotine in relaxing the nervous system. Lobelia is a potentially toxic herb and shouldn’t be used unless supervised by a health practitioner. St. Johns’s wort has had some promising effects in helping smokers quit in addition to motivational therapy and support. Usually taken in capsules or supplements, you can also take these herbal remedies in the form of tea.

Quit With a Friend
Include a friend or family member in your efforts to quit smoking even if that person does not use tobacco. A close friend or loved one can provide you with the support needed to fight through cigarette cravings each day. You can call the person when you need a little encouragement and hold yourself accountable to them each day. A friend can also help you to celebrate when you succeed in meeting your goals.

Avoid Smoking Triggers
Many people who smoke cigarettes have specific triggers. Triggers are things you do, or places you go to that are strongly associated with smoking. You want to figure out your triggers and avoid them at all costs. This could mean taking up a hobby so you do not crave cigarettes out of boredom. It is especially important to avoid triggers like drugs or alcohol that you use to replace smoking. If you are struggling with other addiction problems, visit a drug rehab treatment center to get help. Mental health treatments and other similar options might even help you to stop smoking for good since they’ll go in depth with your mental health and addiction.

Stay Active
Stay active every day in order to be more successful in your efforts to stop smoking. You want to do some light to moderate exercise every day or two at least. This is going to help your body get rid of the excessive nicotine and it also occupies your mind and body so you can better overcome any cravings.

Reward Yourself for Milestones
One final piece of advice is to reward yourself for reaching milestones. Create milestones such as not smoking for a week or a month. If you achieve those goals, then reward yourself with something like a favorite meal or a new piece of clothing. This creates positive reinforcement to not touch cigarettes again.

Quitting smoking is often one of the best decisions you can make for your health and wallet. You do need to be prepared to commit to quitting though. This means avoiding temptations and keeping your mind off cigarettes. These tips will help you to finally stop smoking once and for all.

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