Addiction is Not a Problem You Need to Solve by Yourself, Let the Professionals Help You to Recover


Alcohol and drug addiction is a life-threatening medical issue. Just like other medical conditions, overcoming addiction alone may not be easy. As such, it makes sense to let professionals help you recover from addiction. Substance abuse is a disorder just like any other. It’s a mental illness that is fatal if left untreated. It’s however unfortunate that it is surrounded by social stigma which deters most people from seeking professional assistance.


If you are struggling with addiction, it’s important that you seek professional assistance as soon as possible. That’s because the longer you wait the more the problem escalates. Bear in mind the fact that addiction is a problem that affects you, your family and friends. When you drink or abuse drugs, you end up with financial problems, arguments, trust issues, and bad decision-making habits. Unfortunately, trying to solve the addiction problem yourself may not yield fruits.

Although working through the addiction problem may seem successful, it will most likely end in a relapse. That’s why most people prefer going to inpatient drug rehabs where close monitoring by professionals is guaranteed. Working with addiction treatment experts improves the patient’s situation while equipping them with important life skills. The patient is also prepared to face triggers by the time they leave the facility. They also know how to prevent relapse.

Reasons to Seek Professional Help with Addiction

Addition is a brain disease that involves both social and biological factors. That’s why a person that is struggling with addiction is unable to quit using the addictive substances no matter how hard they try. Many people know that they have a problem but instead of seeking help, they struggle with shame, guilt, regret, and hopelessness. They feel like addiction is part of their lives. Nevertheless, a time comes when a person wants to feel comfortable, normal and like other sober human beings. That’s the point when a person should seek help to recover from addiction.

The professionals at an addiction treatment center know how to convince individuals to accept treatment for addiction. They also work with addicted persons to help them overcome addiction. What’s more, they coach family members on how to motivate the addict to change. Additionally, addiction treatment professionals come up with an ideal treatment plan for the addict depending on their unique and specific situation.

The professionals at inpatient rehab centers help patients get new perspectives towards their situation. They also guide them in identifying factors that may have contributed to the problem. Remember that these experts have seen many people with similar addiction cases. As such, they have the necessary skills, experience, and wisdom to help any addicted person solve the problem.

Why It Is Difficult to Recover By Yourself

Why is recovering from alcohol and drug addiction so hard? Well, addiction is not a problem that develops overnight. You might have felt the deep urge to use the addictive substance again after the initial exposure. But, addiction takes time to develop. Usually, a person becomes an addict after repeated exposure to the addictive substance. That’s because addiction occurs when the brain modulates to accommodate the state of being altered chemically. This makes drug use the least resistance path. The brain becomes wired to self-harm and craves for something that destroys it and the body.

Essentially, addiction leads to the formation of neural pathways while facilitating maladaptive behaviors. Disrupting these pathways by quitting the use of the addictive substance is not easy. The brain has been used to having repeated and continuous supply of the addictive substance. Even when a person knows that they want to fight addiction, they continue to use the addictive substance because they are no longer in control.

As such, fighting addiction requires discipline, time and commitment. You must decide to forego the short-term relief that comes with the use of the addictive substance in order to achieve long-term gains. Clearly, this requires strength, commitment, and determination. At the same time, you may face life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are the reasons some people are rushed to inpatient drug treatment facilities when trying to solve the addiction problem by themselves.

Professional Treatment Options

When you seek help with addiction from professionals, you get several treatment options. Experts at the rehab center will discuss the treatment options with you or your loved one and come up with an ideal treatment plan depending on the condition.

  • Family Therapy 

Addiction treatment is more successful when the treatment plan is formulated with knowledge and understanding of the family background of the patient. Dysfunctional communication, strained relationships and trauma are some of the things that could have caused the problem. Family therapy is used to identify family factors that may have led to addiction and creating a treatment plan that will address or heal them.

  • Group Therapy 

The addicted person needs to realize that there are other people facing a similar problem. Group therapy brings together people that are battling addiction. This enables the patient to address the underlying emotional issues. It also provides the support system that a person needs to go through the recovery process during a 30-day inpatient treatment program.

  • Counseling 

Individual counseling for drug addiction enables a person to uncover the reasons for abusing drugs or alcohol. It also enables the patient to face challenging or difficult situations without turning to drugs or alcohol.

  • Medical Detox 

Medical detox is a form of medical treatment that is aimed at helping a patient overcome psychological and physical dependence on drug or alcohol. The immediate objective of medical detoxification is to enable the patient to relieve immediate withdrawal symptoms, achieve a state of being substance-free, and treat psychiatric or medical conditions. Medical detox prepares the patient to enter long-term rehabilitation or treatment.

The Bottom Line

You don’t have to struggle with the addiction problem, feel ashamed or vulnerable whenever you think about your addiction problem and the future. Addiction is not a problem that you should struggle to solve by yourself. If you have made the decision to fight addiction, let professionals help you recover. That’s the only way you will ensure your safety and get the support that you need to beat addiction successfully.

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