The Shape of Your Nose is not a Coincidence and Says a lot About You!


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The Shape of Your Nose is not a Coincidence and Says a lot About You!

Did you know that your nose reflects your personality? The shape of your schnoz speaks volumes. Whether hooked, upturned, or snub, your sniffer says a lot about you. Find your identity among the types below. The shape of your nose is created by connective tissue and bones. The position of these structures is what makes your nose unique. In 2013, the results of a nose study were published in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery.  The lead researcher examined over 1,700 photos of people and works of art. His findings revealed 14 different nose types. The most common are large, small, long, short, Greek, Roman, hooked, upturned, Nubian, and snub.Scientists have analyzed nose measurements and shapes. They’ve found correlations with:

The Shape of Your Nose is not a Coincidence and Says a lot About You

  • ethnicity
  • emotional stability
  • personality

Take a look in the mirror and size up your nose. Then look for your type below. Each summary will give you social insight. You’ll begin looking at faces more intently. Reading noses can guide your personal interactions.

Nasal Landmarks

To nail down your nose type, let’s begin by identifying its landmarks. The visible aspect of your nose has four parts:

  • nostrils – two openings at the end of your nose
  • septum – bony wall between your nostrils
  • cartilage – flexible tissue at the end of your septum
  • bridge – saddle-shaped section, between your eyes



Key Clues

Nasal features reflect personality traits. Here are some revealing relationships:

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nose tip = relationship with money

  • A person with a large tip is a financial planner. If the tip is small or pointed, they don’t have much interest in money. An upward tip indicates a carefree attitude. A downward tip shows the person handles money wisely.

nose cleft = commitment

  • Ladies, beware the nose cleft! A fissure in the nose is a red flag. It signals difficulty with commitment. The crevice can be on the sides of the tip or straight down the middle.

nostril width = spending habits

  • Large nostrils are a tip-off to a generous spender. Small nostrils warn of a tightwad.

nostril handles = family connections

  • The handles are the fleshy cartilage surrounding the nostrils. Thick handles speak of close-knit ties. Thin handles announce social indifference.

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of nose shapes.

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A nose is considered large when it’s disproportionate to the rest of the face. This type has large nostrils and wide tips. The bridge may be either short or long. A large nose signifies ambition and leadership. It shows a desire to work independently. The bearer of this nose likes to be the boss. They’re confident and self-reliant. They step up to the plate when it comes to challenges. Large-nosed folk tend to be perfectionists. They think on their feet and make quick decisions. Although lighthearted, they can get emotional.

Jimmy Durante

photo credit: a3.files.biography

  • Celebrity Spotlight – Jimmy Durante


A nose of this class is small in length and width. The tip is neither round nor sharp. The short-nosed person is sensitive and kind. They have a sweet, endearing personality. They’re creative, spontaneous, and fun. They enjoy being part of a team. In contrast to their small size, they have expansive hearts. They like helping others and contributing to causes. You can count on them in emergencies.

katie holmes

photo credit:

  • Celebrity Spotlight – Katie Holmes

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A Pinocchio nose is a sign of a decisive person. This type likes action, sports, and travel. Their dynamic nature demands freedom, movement, and space. They like getting things done quickly, which makes them efficient. People with long noses are intuitive. They have a knack for business and make great leaders.


photo credit:

  • Celebrity Spotlight – Joni Mitchell


Here’s a word association for this type – “short and sweet.” Short-nosed people are also sensitive and loyal. They’re kind and sympathetic. They tend to be reserved and shy. They’re also hard-working.


photo credit:

  • Celebrity Spotlight – Charlize Theron


This type is considered the perfect schnoz. The term derives from the prefix “rhino,” which is Greek for nose. Also known as straight, this shape has narrow nostrils and a pointed tip. It’s streamlined, with no depressions. The bridge is high and long. The words that pinpoint this type are “well-chiseled.” The Greek nose has a host of positive qualities: intelligence, optimism, skill, composure, compassion, and romanticism. Greek noses signify good leaders. They’re disciplined and destined for success.


photo credit:

  • Celebrity Spotlight – Emma Stone

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This shape gets its name from Roman art. It’s long, with a high, arched bridge. It’s similar to the Greek but has a distinct downward slope. It’s also distinguished by a prominent upper bulge. The tip is soft and curved. Historically, people of noble descent had Roman noses. Examples are Margaret Thatcher, Princess Diana, and Cleopatra. The Romanesque nose symbolizes authority and courage. It’s charismatic, passionate, and determined. The person with this nose type is decisive and zealous.

photo credit: i.huffpost

  • Celebrity Spotlight – Daniel Radcliffe


This nose type is also referred to as the hawk or eagle nose. As the name suggests, it resembles a beak. It ends in a downward bend. It’s common to people of Italian and Jewish descent. Eagle-nosed folks follow their own path. They’re enthusiastic and charismatic. They highly value family and friends. They’re ambitious, organized, and efficient. They make great leaders. They carefully weigh factors before making decisions.

Barbra Streisand
Barbra Streisand

photo credit: simplyshowbiz

  • Celebrity Spotlight – Barbra Streisand


Also known as the celestial type, this nose slopes up like a ski jump. Its ascending quality reflects optimism. People with celestial noses are loving, kind, and nurturing. They bubble with enthusiasm. The person with a Tinkerbell nose is angelic. Friends and family mean the world to them.

elizabeth olsen

photo credit: i.imgu

  • Celebrity Spotlight – Elizabeth Olsen


The Nubian nose is flat with wide nostrils. The bridge lies low. Nubians are open-minded and curious. They’re expressive, creative, and charismatic. The wider the nostrils, the greater the self-reliance.


photo credit: media.townhall

  • Celebrity Spotlight – Barack Obama


Cute as a button is the snub nose! It’s small and round with a turned-up tip. The bearer of this nose has creative talent. They’re quick-witted and make great team players. When it comes to decisions, they go by their instincts, with spot-on results. They’re passionately devoted to family.


  • Celebrity Spotlight – Carey Mulligan

The Sherlock Holmes Advantage

By now you have greater insight into what makes you tick. You also have the clues for getting along with others. Be perceptive like a detective to have the winner’s edge. Try to keep your nose up. Aim for the stars!



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