Attention Ladies! See Why Men Love Butts!


Attention Ladies! See Why Men Love Butts!

Boobs or butt. It’s a common debate man have tackled for years, probably centuries. A woman with a full bosom or “junk in the trunk”. Which is better? Truthfully, most men will tell you they love both, but there’s inarguably something particularly alluring to the male population about a woman’s behind. So what gives? Why are backsides just so darn appealing? You may be surprised to find the answer lies in science.

Why Men Love Butts

A prominent derrière – or more aptly, the curved spine it’s connected to – held an importance significance to our nomadic ancestors. Eric Russell, a psychologist at the University of Texas at Arlington, talked to Huffington Post via email and explained the ancestral implication.

“Over the course of human history, women faced the adaptive problem of a forwarded-shifted center of mass during pregnancy,” Russell wrote, “”Women with a greater degree of lumbar curvature … were able to redistribute this center of mass to reduce the strain of pregnancy. Thus, we hypothesized that men should have a psychological adaptation to prefer these women as mating partners.”

A study conducted by a team of psychologists at Bilkent University in Turkey asked 300 men to rate female silhouettes with lumbar curvatures between 21 and 61 degrees. A moderate curvature of 45.5 degrees was the most favored, and further research explained that women with that level of curvature would have conferred with the evolutionary advantages mentioned earlier without preventing a higher risk for health problems, namely back troubles.

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The most important revelation of the study was that the structure of the spine itself, not just the fat and muscle of the buttocks, was integral to a man’s level of attraction toward a woman’s rear.

The study’s lead author, psychologist Doctor David Lewis, explained that while men may direct their attention to the buttocks and insist that’s where their interest lies, they are unconsciously gathering information about the curvature of a woman’s spine. “Alternatively, men may have preferences for both lumbar curvature and buttock size. Future research is needed to better understand the latter,” said Dr. Lewis.

The study was published on February 7th, 2015 in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior.

So there you have it. The real reason why he can’t take his eyes off you when you’re in your favorite pair of body-hugging jeans. What’s your stance on the situation? Is it really just a matter of science, or have the survival implications been bred out over generations and left men with a senseless but strong love for our tushes?

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