The Distance Between Your Eyebrows Keeps Secrets About Your Personality


The Distance Between Your Eyebrows Keeps Secrets About Your Personality

The next time you look in the mirror- pay attention to your eyebrows. Believe it or not, the gap that you see between your brows actually says something about your personality. It’s a secret that you didn’t know you were keeping. You might not give your eyebrows a second thought except when it’s time to pluck them or pencil them in. Think again and study them closely to learn something about yourself.

The Distance Between Your Eyebrows Keeps Secrets About Your Personality

Your Eyebrows are Talking About You
According to Reality Digest, the space between your eyebrows is illuminating.

If your eyebrows are spaced close together, you are more likely to be an intelligent person who tends to be nervous or has high anxiety levels.

If your eyebrows are spaced far apart, you could tend to be a person who is easily led by others. Making decisions is hard for you and you’re flighty. At the same time, kindness is your middle name. Even the shape of your eyebrows can say something about you. Hot Vivo shares one face reading experts views. Jean Haner looks beyond the distance between your eyebrows and adds that shape is important as well. If your eyebrows are curved, you are likely to be devoted to perfection. You pay attention to details and have a creative side.

If your eyebrows are straight, you are a person that others can count on to be reliable. You are the go-to source when people need someone who will keep his or her feet on the ground. If your eyebrows curve up, you would make a good leader and have a competitive side. Your eyebrows are an important part of the puzzle that makes up who you are.

The Business World is Paying Attention to Facial Features Too
According to the Business Insider, a “people reader” in Australia is using his expertise to help corporates, job recruiters, and schools to utilize the information that your facial features can say about you. Alan Stevens is studying psychology and focuses on personality traits that can be evident in facial features. He says a part of it stems from what a person is born with. It is also based on what is developed over time. Stevens claims that the narrower a person’s face, the closer their eyebrows are together, the more likely they are to be cautious. In contrast, people with wider faces are more open and confident. If your eyebrows are spaced far apart, you may have a greater tolerance of others.

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You Could Become a People Reader Yourself
There is no conclusive evidence about eyebrows and what they say about personality. You’ll have to decide for yourself if the findings of others apply to you. Try it with those you know. If it works, you can use helpful information about facial features when you are meeting new people. Whether you are making new friends, meeting a new co-worker, or thinking about taking the plunge into a new relationship, pay attention to the eyebrows and find out what they have to say. A person’s face truly can be an open book if you know how to read it. Be on guard. Others could be reading yours.

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