4 Cutting-Edge Medical Companies Changing the Way We Heal the Sick


When the average person thinks of cutting-edge medicine, they do not typically think of corporate logos or branding. They think of people like Jonas Salk, Edward Jenner, and Louis Pasteur to name a few of the most prominent figures in the scientific community who created vaccines for polio, smallpox, and rabies, as examples.

In today’s world, trailblazing medical companies like Study Log – more information on this site – and others are using technology to change the way we practice medicine forever. Today we’d like to look at four companies that are on the leading edge of medical breakthroughs using science and technology to create healing practices that weren’t possible all that long ago.

With that in mind, we’ll now look at four pioneering companies in greater detail below. Many of the most successful medical companies use online time tracking software like Clockspot, which you can learn about more by viewing their example excel time sheets.

  1. Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

As far as trailblazing companies go, this medical manufacturer creates devices and software that help heal medical conditions like cancer. They use methods that include brachytherapy, proton therapy, radiosurgery, and radiotherapy to name some of their most promising treatment options.

Overall, Varian’s main claim to fame is their ability to automate and simplify the user experience. The designs of their treatments are centered on the human beings they treat and it’s paying off big time because their products are highly sought after, effective, and excellent treatment options for those suffering from a number of different types of cancer diagnoses.

  1. Veeva Systems Inc.

This company’s main claim to fame is there Veeva Vault CDMS. This technological masterpiece makes it possible to deliver valuable and insightful clinical data to those who need to have access to this information the fastest. They’ve recently created a next-generation cloud application specifically designed to streamline the management of clinical data and further accelerate the execution of countless clinical trials and studies.

The beauty of this program is its ability to keep all clinical data management under one roof by eliminating the need for multiple tools. The application combines reporting, data cleaning, coding, and EDC and merges it all into one simple to use interface that anyone with even rudimentary computer skills can use.

Cutting-Edge Medical Companies

  1. Hologic, Inc.

We understand that as technology expands, medicine often benefits. This statement holds particularly true when talking about Hologic Inc., a company known for delivering top level medical devices to help improve women’s health.

They have created groundbreaking medical technology using innovative designs to help caregivers achieve results that are completely exceptional from a clinical standpoint. This technology helps members of the medical profession diagnose diseases quicker, discover symptoms much earlier, and treat patients compassionately and quickly so they can begin overcoming illnesses that they might not have even known they had.

  1. Accuray Incorporated

This leading radiation oncology company has a strong reputation in the medical community. They are known far and wide because they develop, manufacture, and sell solutions and treatments under a number of their powerful brands including Onrad, Radixact, TomoTherapy, and Cyberknife as well as a number of others.

More specifically, the technology they develop is innovative and very beneficial in the treatment of cancer from a newer, technological perspective. Their treatment teams work around the clock to fight against cancer and they are working diligently to make sure every cancer patient has affordable treatment options no matter their economic background.

Final Thoughts

The world of medicine continues to advance rapidly. This field moves forward fast because of so many new and unique technological advancements. The companies mentioned above are all working hard to use technology to create advanced and more effective medical treatments for cancer, clinical trials, and so much more. They are the guiding forces leading the way to a new and healthier future for all of us for many years to come and we thank them for their dedicated service to humanity.


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