Bride’s Sister and Wedding Planner Surprised the Newly Wedded Couple with “10 New Guests”!


Allison Gerding and Kevin Kruger got married last on May 11, 2018, at Goldsby, Oklahoma. Prior to their wedding, they had been preparing a lot of things that they would wear for the big day. They had also been planning the venue and invitations for the VIPs they expected on a special day.

Bride’s Sister and Wedding Planner Surprised the Newly Wed Couple

However, the two were not aware of the bride’s plan and the wedding planner. Both Allison and Kevin were animal lovers. Indeed, their passion for animals hooked them up the first time.
Allison had planned to have puppies at her wedding but she trashed the idea because they were too busy with the preparations.

In order to make the occasion more special, the bride’s sister and the wedding planner came up with some surprises. Guess what? They came up with 10 cute puppies!
Neither Allison nor Kevin had an idea about it, but credit to Allison’s sister and the wedding planner, Allison’s dream became a reality.

At first, the newlywed had not noticed the 10 puppies because they were much occupied with the photo shoot. Not until when the bridesmaid entered with 10 adorable puppies did the two had a priceless reaction. Allison squalled with delight when she received a puppy from one of the bridesmaids.

Bride’s Sister and Wedding Planner Surprised the Newly Wed Couple

Allison initially thought it was Kevin’s plan to have the 10 cute puppies in their wedding. It was until when she saw her reaction that she believed Kevin was just as surprised as she was.

The surprise for the newlywed was indeed a success as they both immediately wanted to cuddle with all the puppies. Holli, the cameraman had been briefed about the surprise and managed to capture the priceless reactions and moments the couple had with the puppies.

Apart from the puppies, there were lots of surprises from everyone. For instance, Allison gave the bridesmaids personalized Nike sneakers. The groom also recorded his wedding letter so that his new-wife would listen to him whenever she wanted.

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