Holistic Sexuality: How to Enhance Pleasure


Holistic Sexuality: How to enhance pleasure

Our way of making love or having sex, -our decision-, reflects very clearly in how we relate to life. For us to have a better sexual life, it is wise to take advantage of  the resources we have. These alternatives are tools that allow us to adjust certain gears of our physical body, unlocking the potential of our energy.


This tools go from breahing excercising, to aromatherapy, meant to help fluidity to circulate freely through our organism. The more soft and supple our physical body is, the easier it will be for sexual energy to pass through. Help youself in the process of allowing full pleasure to be released: go for a run, do yoga or practice zumba. Because our body needs to move for energy to circulate.

If you feel tension it will manifest thruogh erotic dance; if we are afraid the experience will show us precisely the dreaded situation.

Furthermore, if we are experiencing openness or delivery, it is very likely that our sexual partner will respond accordingly.

The universal law, as it is inside is outside, is potentially reciprocal, at anytime and in any situation. you will have a good experience if you adopt the next practices: breaths, yogic exercises, ingestion of herbs and prepared spaces. Therefore, the inner experience will follow as well, and vice versa. Each resource accompany the process of facilitating and expanding our erotic experience according to our needs. To examine ourselves, deep meditation is required.

For honest pleasant sex, your mood is a most. That is to say that stress-free sex is highly recommended for general health and longevity.

It is indispensable to prepare ourselves with a favorable attitude towards sexual openness. It will be of no use to mechanically undertake all these practices thinking that they will do the work on their own. They are to you a possibility, in other words, a tool to deepen the experience. Remember that sex is not only physical but also emotional, mental and, at best, spiritual.

We will facilitate the feeling of desire, excitement, ecstasy and stillness if the attitude towards sex is one of honor and love. It is necessary to put our intention of love and gratitude. Before unlocukin this energy, make sure you are in a place of love, where you feel safe and free. This will allow energy to function correctly, or this purpose, we will reflect it through our creative energy.

You have to start with comunication to create a harmonic enviramont. Do I enjoy my partner? How to open a space of greater and better sexual communication? Do we know each other more deeply and inwardly in our sexuality? Are there any blockages? How can they be released?

Once you have been working together you can talk about improvements. Do you have more and better orgasms? Why? is that? Do you feel lighter or even healthier? Happier? Do you get to meditate through sex? Deepening into this topic with your partner opens the space for you to release deep emotions, and if there are any emotions hidden inside of your organism, they will manifest thrugh diseases, if not taken care of.

According to studies on this specific topic, sexual health and posibilities, concern more woman than man. Therefore, if your partner has not open yet to this, you can open the space for it to happen. Your partner will be “convinced” by the force of the facts: because he will enjoy more. He will see you enjoy more.

Sex will be more fluid, intense and ecstatic, and so will life.

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