60’s to Now: Watch How Wedding Hairstyle Trends Have Changed Through The Years


60’s to Now: Watch How Wedding Hairstyle Trends Have Changed Through The Years

Saying “I do” has been done in so many ways, it would be impossible to list all the crazy and awesome wedding trends that have happened over the years. From centuries-old family traditions to unconventional couples tying the knot while plummeting 10,000 feet, one thing is for certain: weddings have evolved from our grandparents’ days. A part of that evolution is wedding hairstyle itself. Shoulder pads, ballgowns and thick veils have left the building, leaving in their wake a variety of options for a bride to don down the aisle. Sleek and minimalistic, classic with a twist or modern and unexpected, all of these and more are style options and don’t exclude the hair.
 60-s to Now- Watch How Wedding Hairstyle Trends Have Changed Through The Years1
Take a look at just how much wedding style has evolved over the past half-century in just two minutes. Who knows, you may even find some old school inspiration for your own special day.

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