Human Ken Doll: His Body Rejected His Nose After His Sixth Rhinoplasty


Human Ken Doll: His Body Rejected His Nose After His Sixth Rhinoplasty

Rodrigo Alves’ drastic dream is to look like a Human Ken Doll and he has come very close to his ideal. Recently he went under the knife for the forty-third time to receive a sixth nose job, but his sagging septum rebelled and a horrifying hole opened in over-stretched flesh. Decay appeared and his nose began to shrivel and die from insufficient blood flow to the nasal tissue.

Human Ken Doll- His Body Rejected His Nose After His Sixth Rhinoplasty

Alvarez, a 33-year-old Brazilian addicted to cosmetic surgery, was compelled to curtail his holiday in Spain when, in a panic, he noticed that his nose was literally dying. Doctors in Malaga diagnosed his recent rhinoplasty as septic and warned that it was about to turn gangrenous and require amputation. Alves was forced to shell out around $52,000 for a 10-hour reconstructive surgery procedure to save his nose. Cartilage from his wrist was implanted in the nasal septum to replace what had disintegrated.

Human Ken Doll

When does cosmetic surgery morph from beauty to beast?
“There is such a thing as too much plastic surgery,” states Dr. Roxanne Guy, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. She feels that some turn to cosmetic surgery to fill a deep emotional need, and keep on filling the void with more and more procedures. Bank accounts are drained and debt plus a strange new look is disturbing to family and friends.

Sixth Rhinoplasty

Sometimes a cosmetic surgery enthusiast may suffer from body dysmorphic disorder, a delusional preoccupation with bodily flaws that affects only one to three percent of Americans, but a much higher percentage of cosmetic surgery recipients, at 15 percent. BDD is a serious illness says Dr. Phillips, with a high suicide rate.

Ken Doll

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Dr. Katharine Phillips, a psychiatrist at Rhode Island’s Butler Hospital body image program, reports that people may feel very driven to get cosmetic procedures. They believe it is their only hope.

The desperation for improvement is apparent in the comments of Steve Erhardt, salon stylist. He has undergone $250,000 in cosmetic surgical procedures over 20 years. He states, rather sadly, “The world just cannot see me this down. I don’t want to look sad or old.”

Forty-eight-year-old Heidi Moore has been attempting to transform herself ever since she was raped at the age of 16. She ran up over $200,000 in surgical debt and compulsive shopping. She had her breasts augmented to a DD, because a surgeon thought she was $exy enough to handle it. Since then, serious family intervention has brought Moore to a therapist, where she has learned to control old compulsions, including the need for surgical improvement. She would like a final surgery to reduce her breast size. She hates them. She says, ” I got them so people would look at my breasts, not at me. Now I’d like people to see me for who I am.”

Rodrigo Alves states emphatically that he has sworn off cosmetic surgery forever. This does not mean that Alves has sworn off self-improvement. Far from it. He has now turned to non-invasive beauty procedures to stave off inevitable aging.
“Lately,” reports Alves, “I’ve been trying everything!”

“Everything” ranges from fat-freezing to stem cell injection. Alves does not desire to exercise, so “clinical help” will be needed to reduce fat on thighs, hips and buttocks. Besides cosmetic sculpting treatments to enhance his Human Ken Doll look, Alves takes a variety of supplements to preserve and enhance his youth and health.

After the necrotic nasal scare, Alves insured his body at about $1,300,000 U.S. dollars.

“I’m not giving up on trying to stop the natural aging process,” he reports, enthusiastically.

Rodrigo Alves has not stopped the obsessive round of self-improvement that he embarked upon when submitting to 43 cosmetic surgeries. He is delighted that there are so many aesthetic procedures on the market that can replace plastic surgery and keep him in the loop.

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