Selena Gomez Gained 10 Pounds, Find Out Why She is Happy about It!


Selena Gomez Gained 10 Pounds Find Out Why She is Happy about It!

Celebrities are under constant scrutiny and live their lives under a microscope. Depending on who you ask, they are either too fat or too thin. Selena Gomez is one superstar who is breaking the stereotypical mold. She has transformed from a sweet-faced teen into a 22-year-old bombshell who isn’t going to succumb to the fat shaming that has been going on over the summer.

After coming under fire on Instagram for her infamous black bathing suit pictures, Selena fired back stating, “Things were getting thick down in Mexico.” She probably meant things getting steamy with her boyfriend Zedd, who thinks she is a perfect 10. Selena is among the many celebrities who have responded to fat shaming by social media users. She isn’t going to let the opinion of a few ruin her self-esteem. Zedd beams when he is with her, and anyone can see it in the photographs they have taken together.

If the constant hand holding isn’t enough to up the cuteness factor, the pair has been dubbed Zeddelena. Whether there is any truth to the saying that happy couples always put on a few pounds when they are together remains to be seen, but Selena Gomez would be a beauty no matter how big the number on the scale.

Albeit her blossoming love affair with Zedd or her new outlook on body image, Selena looks amazing. Her recent cover on V showed a curvy Selena who definitely put an end to the wagging of tongues.

In a world of airbrushing and photo-shopping women in an attempt to create the perfect shape, it is refreshing to finally see one gal who is confident enough to go her own way and embrace her natural figure. Everyone has an opinion and can think what they want. The real question is, when are people going to stop spending their time bashing others online and devote that time to personal improvement?

Tell us what you think. Is there such a thing as happy couple weight ? How do you feel about “fat shaming” on social media ?

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