Ladies! Here’s What Your Breast Shape Says About Your Character


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Ladies! Here’s What Your Breast Shape Says About Your Character

You’re probably familiar with face and palm reading, but did you know that your breasts portray your personality? There are 12 classifications of breast size and shape. See if you can find your type and what they reveal about you.



Let’s begin our personality study with some fascinating background.

1. Fortune-Telling

In 18th-century Spain, people believed a woman’s breasts revealed her character and predicted her future. This ideology was termed “sternomancy,” derived from the Greek word for chest. The practice was similar to palmistry, based on the concept that a woman’s fortune was written on her body. The pattern of breast-to-belly markings foretold her fate.

Sternomancy was also conducted in Thailand and Japan. A woman was evaluated by a sternomancy master, sitting behind a screen that accentuated her breasts. The man would examine them, making comparisons to charts and diagrams to predict the woman’s destiny.

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2. Tooty-Fruity

In 2005, Italian researcher Piero Lorenzoni presented his findings to Bild, a German newspaper. He compared breasts to fruit, such as:

  • lemon
  • papaya
  • apple
  • pear
  • cherry
  • melon
  • nectarine
  • grapefruit
  • orange
  • pineapple
  • plum
  • mango

3. Genetics

There may be a scientific basis for the link between breast shape and temperament. Specific genes carry DNA for both breast shape and brain function. DNA is protein-coding that determines your distinctive traits.


For a visual point of reference, here are sketches of the 12 basic breast types.

Now, see if you can find your shape and make-up among the following descriptions.

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1. Lemon – petite and symmetric

You’re elegant and intelligent. Your mindset varies from the masses. Comfort and peace are top priorities. You enjoy reading and being alone. Emotionally stable, laughing at yourself comes easily. You seek a life of balance. People admire your scholastic and professional achievements.

2. Papaya – elongated and pendulous

You’re a superwoman, strong-willed and independent. Before taking action, you weigh decisions carefully. You have tremendous self-control. You’re calm, goal-oriented, and successful. These qualities make you a great leader.

3. Apple – small, sloping downward, and facing away

You march to the beat of your own drum. You’re free-spirited and adventuresome. Inclined to be spontaneous, you have a progressive point of view. People find you absolutely charming.

4. Pear – triangular, facing downward, with large nipples

You’re feminine and sensual, with a strong personality. You constantly strive to improve yourself and are very open-minded. Positive and optimistic, you always see the cup half-full. Possessing a spiritual nature, you’re loving and steadfast. You have a fabulous sense of humor.

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5. Cherry – perky and spread apart

Embodying the color red, you’re passionate and courageous. You tackle challenges with zeal and make decisions quickly. Cheerful and bubbly, you love to entertain. You’re the life of the party.

6. Melon – globular and facing forward

You’re kind and reliable. You go out of your way to help others. People confide in you, knowing their secrets are safe. You often play the role of mediator, restoring harmony between conflicting parties. Generous and nurturing, you make everyone feel at home.

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7. Nectarine – small and pendant, with large nipples

You’re sensible, wise, and dignified. Dedicated to self-improvement, you enjoy learning new skills. Peace-loving, you shy away from drama. Just as the word “nectarine” means “food of the gods,” you have a nurturing nature.

8. Grapefruit – immensely bulbous, facing away

You’re creative, with big ideas. You’re a planner, putting your own spin on activities. Your bountiful bosom represents femininity, confidence, and high self-esteem. People clearly adore you.

9. Orange – medium and round, facing away

Virtuous and agreeable, you harmonize well with people. You’re also a good judge of character. For this reason, your advice and opinions are sought by others. You’re a diligent worker and loyal friend.

10. Pineapple – large, with prominent nipples

Just as the pineapple symbolizes “welcome,” you’re always smiling and hospitable. You’re idealistic, optimistic, and romantic. You have a knack for making others feel good about themselves. A charismatic presence, you’re a cheerful people magnet.

11. Plum – small, with downward nipples

You’re a bright light, full of energy. Upon entering a room, people immediately take notice, and you remain the center of attention. You thrive on adventure. You have a rather simplistic view of life, believing that love is all you need.

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12. Mango – medium, facing away

You’re somewhat mysterious though completely dependable. Folks know they can count on you to carry out their plans. You maintain high standards for yourself. Totally trustworthy, people are comfortable confiding in you.


So women, wear your breasts like a badge of honor. They showcase your greatness and foretell your bright future!


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