Ladies! Here’s What Your Breast Shape Says About Your Character


Ladies! Here’s What Your Breast Shape Says About Your Character

You’re probably familiar with face and palm reading, but did you know that your breasts portray your personality? There are 12 classifications of breast size and shape. See if you can find your type and what they reveal about you.



Let’s begin our personality study with some fascinating background.

1. Fortune-Telling

In 18th-century Spain, people believed a woman’s breasts revealed her character and predicted her future. This ideology was termed “sternomancy,” derived from the Greek word for chest. The practice was similar to palmistry, based on the concept that a woman’s fortune was written on her body. The pattern of breast-to-belly markings foretold her fate.

Sternomancy was also conducted in Thailand and Japan. A woman was evaluated by a sternomancy master, sitting behind a screen that accentuated her breasts. The man would examine them, making comparisons to charts and diagrams to predict the woman’s destiny.

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